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Health Talk with Dr. Kell

Dr. Kell Fullerton is a Researcher, Scientist, Chiropractic Doctor, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist and Hypnotherapist.

Having a great interest in natural healing, he decided to create a Podcast to share with the world what he’s learned over 32 years of Private Practice.

He’s joined by two of his patients, Niki Sterner and Erik Hammond who have come together to create what is called “Health Talk with Dr. Kell”.


Niki, an actor, has found renewed life in natural healing. Her knowledge and experience make her the perfect Host. Erik, a natural health minded individual with experience in Broadcasting and Marketing is our Podcast Manager, Editor and Promoter. Erik joins in on the show and adds questions and comments that help bring greater insight and value.  

What we’re about?

The General population is becoming less and less satisfied with pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. People want to know about the alternatives, what really works and how they can improve their Health and quality of life through Diet, Exercise and Emotional Care.  

We offer interesting discussion on popular Health Topics of the day; cover current research and a perspective you won’t find on Medically based programs.

Our discussion focus is the Triad of Health; Physical, Nutritional and Emotional Wellness from a Natural perspective. We help bring people back to a natural way of thinking and healing. 

What will you gain from listening to our Podcast?

Rejuvenate a new zest for life!

Increase your knowledge and motivation. You can achieve Health and Wellness naturally. There are alternatives to Drugs and Surgery. 

Join Us! We care about your health – You Should too!

Thanks for participating! Don’t forget to email questions and comments at 

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Yours Truly,

Dr. Kell


What is "Desease"? - PART 4 - Cancer and Western Medical Treatments
Show Details35min 20s
What is "Desease" - PART 3 - Cancer and your Immune System
Show Details36min 49s
What is "Desease" - PART 2 - What is "Cancer"?
Show Details35min 23s
What is "Disease"? - PART 1
Show Details32min 27s
What is your body telling you about your health? - PART 4
Show Details43min 32s
What is your body telling you about your health? - PART 3
Show Details42min 29s
What is your body telling you about your health? - PART 2
Show Details34min 34s
What is your body telling you about your health? - PART 1
Show Details28min 15s
What are Chakras and Yoga?
Show Details54min 33s
What is Reiki?
Show Details28min 45s
What is Reflexology?
Show Details31min 42s
What is Iridology?
Show Details36min 44s
What is Naturopathy & Homeopathy?
Show Details35min 17s
What is Hypnosis?
Show Details32min 37s
What is Acupuncture?
Show Details27min 10s
Chiropractic and the doctors education, training and benefit - how can they help you?
Show Details40min 58s
[detox] Detoxes and Cleanses for the Blood and Lymphatic System
Show Details34min 33s
[detox] Healing the heart and lungs detoxes, cleanses and nutritional support
Show Details35min 25s
[detox] Healing the kidneys and adrenal glands detoxes, cleanses and nutritional support
Show Details37min 43s
[detox] Healing the gut and liver detoxes, cleanses and nutritional support
Show Details44min 7s
[detox] Environmental poisoning detoxes & cleanses
Show Details26min 14s
SLEEP - Help through Environmental Support
Show Details37min 33s
SLEEP - Help through Emotional Support
Show Details35min 7s
SLEEP - Help through Physical Support
Show Details24min 34s
SLEEP - Help through Nutritional Support
Show Details39min 20s
Dr. Ingrid Fullerton - Emotions & Bodily Effects
Show Details58min 12s
Gut Health - A Word from Ted
Show Details59min 22s
Sugar - External Use Only (Scrubs)
Show Details25min 58s
Sugar - Brain Damage & Addiction
Show Details31min 17s
How Sugar affects the Liver & Pancreas
Show Details30min 43s
Sugar in the Gut
Show Details43min 4s
COVID-19 - What more can we say?
Show Details57min 9s
Environmental Immunity
Show Details1hr 23min
Emotional Immunity
Show Details1hr 9min
Nutritional Immunity
Show Details54min 15s
Physical Immunity
Show Details1hr 19min
Post Workout - The Most Important Part
Show Details44min 1s
Caffine - You thought it was good?
Show Details28min 41s
Working out - What's Best
Show Details25min 53s
The Preworkout - Opportunity in the Difficulty
Show Details30min 27s
Interview with Running Coach Gina Mauricio
Show Details45min 26s
Colloidal & Nano Silver, but What Are They?
Show Details25min 49s
Natural Deodorants - Not All of Them Are Healthy, But Why?
Show Details40min 19s
What Does Natural and Organic Mean Anyway?
Show Details40min 23s
Health & Wellness - General Lifestyle Challenges
Show Details40min 45s
Earthacorp - Dr. Kell's Brain Child
Show Details30min 16s
Six Changes You Can Make Today
Show Details22min 59s
How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Show Details18min 7s
False Beliefs About Getting Healthy
Show Details25min 5s
Changing to a Healthy Lifestyle, and Why It's So Hard
Show Details21min 1s
How to Implement a Healthy Lifestyle
Show Details23min 58s
Recognizing a Need for Change
Show Details22min 8s
Health Talk with Dr Kell - Trailer
Show Details8min 34s