Absurd Real History

The world is filled with so much ridiculous stories it's hard to believe they're real. Each week Saoirse Siné will explain to you, and a different comedic guest, an absurd story from the past.

Saoirse is Artistic Director of theatre company Scream for Ireland and believes in making the unknown known through her work. This podcast is simply the factual research of the madness.


"The 335 Year War" with Steve Bennett
Show Details51min 21s
"Diogenes the Cynic" with Shane Robinson
Show Details58min 47s
"1904 Olympics" with Mark Cantan
Show Details1hr 4min
"Animals in Politics" with Kori Schagunn
Show Details48min 6s
"Timothy Dexter: Stupid Millionaire of the Past" - with Niall Johnson
Show Details49min 47s
"Frenemies Houdini and Doyle" with Sarah McKenna Dunne
Show Details54min 35s
"Micronations 2: I'm a princess, gnomes and other nonsense" with Síomha McQuinn
Show Details52min 2s
"Micronations 1: Sealand" with Síomha McQuinn
Show Details45min 23s
"Disney's Black Sunday" with Stephen Bradley
Show Details45min 55s
"The Hoover Fiasco" with Luke Benson
Show Details30min 38s
"Dublin's Pig-Faced Lady" with Erin McGathy
Show Details47min 10s