DandR Community Spotlight

A podcast focused on the members of the Dungeons and Randomness fan community. By the fans, for the fans.


TheriaCon - The Great Hunt
Show Details3hr 53min
TheriaCon - Epic 5e game
Show Details3hr 34min
TheriaCon - The Last Stand of Mythrailia
Show Details3hr 28min
TheriaCon- 1/2 of Humblewood
Show Details1hr 58min
TheriaCon - My Little Pony
Show Details4hr 3min
TheriaCon - Travis 5e game
Show Details4hr 28min
TheriaCon - Mystery 5e
Show Details3hr 24min
TheriaCon - Pugmire
Show Details3hr 8min
TheriaCon - Dungeon Crawl Classics
Show Details3hr 42min
TheriaCon - The Fallen Mage
Show Details3hr 35min
TheriaCon - Call of Cthulhu
Show Details3hr 38min
TheriaCon - Through the Wastes
Show Details3hr 19min
TheriaCon - For The Queen
Show Details1hr 45min
15 - The one with Ryan
Show Details57min 12s
14 - DragonCon Recap
Show Details1hr 4min
13 - The one with Xavier!
Show Details49min 30s
12 - The one with Cmbrian
Show Details38min 17s
11 - Group C Arc 2 Recap
Show Details1hr 54min
Bonus Episode: More Group B Recap (Warning)
Show Details45min 4s
10 - Group B Arc 2 Recap
Show Details1hr 28min
9 - Group A Arc 2 Recap
Show Details1hr 50min
8- The one with Cole "InsksplatterArchitect"
Show Details1hr
7 - The one with Jane "Haneway"
Show Details42min 27s
6 - The one with Travis
Show Details41min 16s
5 - The one with Abbey
Show Details47min 21s
4 - The one with Kumo "Ken" Kurin
Show Details39min 21s
3 - The one with Dsheeks
Show Details48min 45s
2 - The one with Theatricalscot (Rob)
Show Details29min 10s
1 - The one with Steve "The Wiki Guy"
Show Details30min 35s