Blaise Explains

My name is Blaise Hope, and many years experience in the news media have taught me much about a broad spectrum of journalism, marketing strategies and business development. They are the foundation that has helped me launch my media and business consultancy - Origin Hope Media Group.

On this podcast show, I will explain current events and topics involving news media, marketing strategies, and general business development.


Episode 006 | Ethics in AI Interview with Nuzhat Jabinh
Show Details43min 39s
Episode 005 | Silicon Valley Startup Culture
Show Details42min 9s
Episode 004 | Media
Show Details35min 24s
Episode 003 | Social Media - professionalism and the personal elements
Show Details41min 6s
Episode 002 | AI
Show Details57min 19s
Episode 001 | Remote working now, and beyond lock-down.
Show Details38min 30s