#013 - Season 1 Retrospective and New Insights - PART 2 - with Bruce Watkins

32m | Feb 9, 2022

This PART 2 installment of a two-episode show continues our retrospective started in Episode #012 – Season 1 Retrospective and New Insights – PART 1. Host Bruce Watkins takes a look back at just a few meaningful moments from Episodes #006 through #011 from Season One of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast with Bruce Watkins. 

Besides providing new reflections and some great takeaways, after playing selected clips from these episodes, Bruce also shares additional insights, some fun feedback from listeners, and off-microphone moments that occurred while recording the show.

Why a retrospective show?

While the majority of the OCJ audience “Follows” the program and listens to every episode … (thanks for that!), the show’s audience is continuing to grow exponentially, so this type of show gives new listeners a chance to sample these valuable past episodes. But, even long-time dedicated fans of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast can enjoy Bruce’s newly-taped reflective insights, and his sharing of some candid and personal thoughts about his experience recording the podcast.

For example, at the end of the program, Bruce shares some personal insights about how the popular OCJ-show closing came about. And in a rare moment, Bruce opens-up while telling a listener’s story about its meaning to them, and the meaning of that and other listener’s comments to Bruce.  

So, if you have just recently discovered the program or you have sampled just a few of the OCJ episodes, these two ‘reflection shows’ are for you!

Listen to the Full Episodes mentioned in this show:

#006 – Your Mindset and You – Part 1 – with Bruce Watkins

[ ]

#007 – Your Mindset and You – Part 2 – Stories – with Bruce Watkins

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#008 – Ovarian Cancer, Giving Back and Australian’s AusLitTeal Awareness – Sirin Steele

[ ]

#009 – From Caregiver, to Surviving Cancer, to Patient Support Advocate Part 1 – Joe Bullock

[ ]

#010 – Motivation to Action, Just Say YES & OCJ is Back!! – Bruce Watkins

[ ]

#011 – Lung Cancer Advocacy – Terri Ann DiJulio & The Gift Of Our Beautiful Lives

[ ]


Season 2 of the Our Cancer Journey Podcast is COMING SOON! Stay tuned to our webpage, the OCJ Facebook Page and upcoming bonus ‘trailer’ episodes announcing the new season’s premier date! 

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Guest(s): Host Bruce Watkins with various guest from past show clips including:

Terri Ann DiJulio

Joe Bullock

Sirin Steele


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Episode Host: Bruce Watkins

A Father, Cancer survivor, podcaster, writer & content creator, speaker, voice-over artist, facilitator/moderator, avid traveler, cultural explorer, humanitarian, giving-back & minimalist evangelist, music enthusiast, former Corporate people leader, and curious soul who transformed into an unapologetically optimistic and unpretentious advocate of Life-Optimization for all. 

After surviving Cancer and other life-changing experiences in 2017, Bruce gave away most of his possessions, left his home behind and began traveling, writing, volunteering, and giving-back.

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