Thanks For Your Concern

Join Berenice Diaz and Ella Tudor (retired party girls) weekly, as they navigate post grad life as women of color, stressed by the current political and social climate. Joined by distinguished intersectional guests ready to share their most intimate secrets. Learn about different cultures and perspectives while laughing along the way.


Ep 48: I Brought Receipts!
Show Details30min 15s
Ep 47: Birthday Cakes
Show Details28min 10s
Ep 46: How to Not Get Murdered
Show Details32min 32s
Ep. 45: Jersey Chasers
Show Details29min 16s
Ep 44: Are You Ready for It?
Show Details35min 25s
EP 43: 1800 Gallons...
Show Details27min 28s
Show Details37min 28s
Show Details30min 37s
Ep 40: IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE w/ Ricci Armani
Show Details55min 28s
Show Details33min 13s
Show Details37min 46s
Ep 37: A Mind of a Real w/ Gabe and Joel
Show Details38min 59s
Ep. 36: Streaming & Building Community w/ mxplumbee
Show Details52min 32s
Ep 35: America The Destination w/ Birungi Birungi
Show Details41min 30s
Ep 34: Walking Red Flag
Show Details34min 45s
Ep 33: One for the Paper, Two for the Money
Show Details36min
Ep 32: Bussin w/ Destiny from Buzzfeed
Show Details28min 24s
Ep. 31: Focus Energy on Yo Self w/ It’s Positively Lana
Show Details45min 59s
Ep. 30: They’re Cancelled. Are We Next?
Show Details30min 10s
Ep. 29: Why Men Need Therapy W/ Ross The Therapist
Show Details41min 6s
Ep. 28: Death by Tampon
Show Details31min 16s
Ep 27: Unfiltered: Men Tell All w/ Adam Tiller and Pedro Perez
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep 26: New Bad Habit, Who Dis?
Show Details28min 44s
Ep. 25: Don't Tell My Parents...They Don't Know
Show Details29min 48s
Ep 24: Just The Tip w/ Homo in Training
Show Details42min 20s
Ep 23: Dismantling Slut Shaming Culture w/ Tracy
Show Details34min 48s
Ep. 22: EXPOSED: Sorority Ritual Secrets
Show Details36min 59s
Ep. 21: Know Your Worth
Show Details32min 53s
Ep. 20: You Wanna See "Crazy"?
Show Details33min 43s
Ep. 19: Haters? That’s Fan Behavior!
Show Details30min 9s
Ep. 18: Shakira Unleashed COVID
Show Details34min 47s
Ep. 17: Good Living w/ Bethfriend
Show Details48min 5s
Ep. 16: Cosplay, EDM, and OnlyFans w/ Skye Samurai
Show Details32min 16s
Ep. 15: Break-ups PT 2: Cue the Breakup Songs
Show Details28min 55s
Ep. 14: Breakups PT 1: The Cold Heated Killa w/ Greta Gamble
Show Details32min 30s
Ep. 13: Airing of the Grievances
Show Details26min 57s
Ep. 12: Dating Scaries
Show Details35min 12s
Ep. 11: Thick Thighs and Self Love
Show Details32min 33s
Ep. 10: Sorry You Feel That Way
Show Details34min 2s
Ep 9: The Halloweek Special
Show Details28min 9s
Ep. 8: Intro to Witchcraft w/ The Glitter Bruja
Show Details30min 53s
Ep 7: ANXIETY: The Musical w/ Kylie
Show Details32min 46s
Ep. 6: Find Your Tribe
Show Details24min 35s
Ep. 5: Make Your Own Fate
Show Details29min 35s
Ep. 4: Brown in College Pt. 2: Broke Party Girls
Show Details32min 38s
Ep. 3: Pro-Whoring Around
Show Details29min 37s
Ep. 2: Brown in a College Town Pt. 1
Show Details29min 6s
The Pilot
Show Details19min 37s