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Episode 35: Christmas Time is Here!
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 34: Eternally Dispatched in France
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 33: DR. NO-vember
Show Details1hr 58min
Episode 32: Double Dunes
Show Details57min 54s
Episode 31: The Last Halloween: Venom vs Lamb
Show Details1hr 59min
Episode 30: Hitchcock!
Show Details52min 53s
Episode 29: Kursed Kaiju Korner!
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 28: Movie Catch-Up (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 47min
Episode 27: Movie Catch-Up (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 52min
Episode 26: The Suicide Squad
Show Details46min 26s
Episode 25: Cinema Scuffle Returns!
Show Details1hr 57min
Episode 24: Space Jam: A New Legacy
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 23: Black Widow
Show Details55min 58s
Episode 22: Luca
Show Details53min 27s
Episode 21: In The Heights
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 20: The Conjuring Trilogy
Show Details56min 59s
Episode 19: A Quiet Place Part II
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 18: Our Favorite Coming of Age Movies!
Show Details1hr 36min
Episode 17: Army of the Dead
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 16: Movie Laundry List!
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 15: Jack Black
Show Details51min 47s
Episode 14: Academy Awards Recap
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 13: Promising Young Woman
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 12: Citizen Kane & Mank
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 11: Godzilla vs. Kong
Show Details1hr 41min
Episode 10: Skull Island and Movie News!
Show Details1hr 16min
Episode 9: King Kong (2005)
Show Details1hr 44min
Episode 8: Triple Movie Review!
Show Details57min 35s
Episode 7: King Kong (1933)
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 6: March of the Monsters!
Show Details2hr 33min
Episode 5: Trailers, Review, and News. Oh my!
Show Details52min 54s
Episode 4: 12 Angry Men
Show Details50min 36s
Episode 3: Awards Season Begins!
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 2: DCEU Retrospective
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 1: Movie News!
Show Details47min 35s
Episode 0: Welcome to The Cinema Show!
Show Details2min 32s