The Transformation Talks Ft. Sudha Jamthe, IoT Disruptions CEO

Season 1 | Episode 8
38m | Nov 11, 2021

A globally recognized technology futurist Sudha Jamthe talks about the future and the evolution of AI. She also explained how AI can help grow businesses. Sudha believes that AI is a revolution today. Further, she talks about processing power and data being the two key factors, the growth in both of them culminating in creating artificial intelligence into a powerful tool. She also explains the concept of no-code AI and its future. She is the CEO of IoT She is phenomenally interesting because she has more than 20 years of digital transformation experience from building innovation and growth organizations, shaping new technology ecosystems, and mentoring leaders at eBay, PayPal, Hardcore, and GTE.

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The Transformation Talks with Rajiv Dingra