The Transformation Talks Ft. Ben Jankowski, Group Head, Global Media at Mastercard

Season 1 | Episode 10
41m | Nov 11, 2021

The Senior Vice President of Global Media for MasterCard/ A global advertiser, Ben Jankowski talks about the future of digital marketing in the current cookie-less future. Through the discussion, he emphasized how we have to keep on testing various ways to tackle the problem of making a data strategy, deciding an audience, and defining identity. He also talked about

The generational opportunity in solving the media and data silos. He further adds that his Holy grail for a global market type on the digital marketing front, where data is available through APIs would be to build the ability to be able to manage those consumer experiences so that they can be more productive and more valuable. At last, he talked about the changes needed in the media industry.

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The Transformation Talks with Rajiv Dingra