The Transformation Talks Ft. Preetam Jena, Digital & CRM lead at Reckitt Nutrition

Season 1 | Episode 9
35m | Nov 11, 2021

Preetam talked about the Marketing transformation in a Privacy first world and what changes do marketers need to make to adapt. He also talks and gives his opinion as to what could be the best way for marketers to evaluate customer data management and platforms. Preetam also provides his insights on how can marketers achieve a single view of their customers and what are the needed steps towards that.

Preeetam also talks about how marketing silos are holding marketers back and how do we foresee unifying, simplifying, and scaling marketing ops to deliver results?

And finally, the talks end with talking about major transformations that can be expected in this decade in the marketing domain.

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The Transformation Talks with Rajiv Dingra