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101 Secrets of Effective Parenting

Is Parenting Fun or Pain? Parenting is about bringing up a new generation, and the choice whether to make it a joyful process or a strenuous path lies with parents themselves.Today’s children are better informed because of exposure to various modes of communication and they are ‘Digital Natives’.

Parenting is not about just bringing up your child, but it is about inspiring your child, making them passionate about life and learning, and creating a winning mindset to make them super achievers in life. 

This podcast will help parents to give the best to their children and strengthen Parent-Child relationship. It is a compilation of real life strategies based on Author’s first hand experience of handling children and parents from various parts of the world.

This is the audio version of the book with the same title.


Chapter#30 Balancing Parenting
Show Details4min 18s
Chapter#29 What You Say Matters
Show Details4min 14s
Chapter#28 Power of Expectations
Show Details7min 39s
Chapter#27 Visit an Orphanage
Show Details3min 48s
Chapter#26 Children Are Gifted
Show Details3min 43s
Chapter#25 Once You are a Parent, Learn How to Define Your Priorities
Show Details5min 47s
Chapter#24 Break the Pattern. Freak Out with your Children- Once in a While
Show Details2min 31s
Chapter#23 What's True for You May Not be True for Your Child.
Show Details4min 9s
Chapter#22 I Clean Up the House, Nobody Bothers
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Chapter#21 'My Child is Childish'
Show Details3min 6s
Chapter#20 Changes Happen in a Heartbeat!
Show Details2min 23s
Chapter#19 The Seven Day Mental Diet
Show Details3min 33s
Chapter#18 The Regimen at Home
Show Details3min 45s
Chapter #17 'My Child Makes Faces'; Are You a Toy?
Show Details5min 35s
Chapter #16 I am Just a Mom/Dad!
Show Details3min 21s
Chapter #15 Are You Like Gandhi?
Show Details6min 24s
Chapter 14: Teenagers Find Their Friends More Understanding than their Parents.
Show Details4min 26s
Chapter 13: Must Parents Go into Coma
Show Details7min 35s
Chapter 12: Do Your Children Live in a Shell?
Show Details4min 27s
Chapter 11: What Stories Will Inspire Your Children
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Chapter 10: Tell Your Children True Stories of Inspiration
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Chapter 9: When Your Children are Ill
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Chapter 8: How to Build Your Children's Self Esteem
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Chapter 7: Your Children Must Learn to Face the Negative World
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Chapter 6: Self Pity Will Kill Your Children's Self Esteem.
Show Details2min 56s
Chapter 5: Be a Coach to Your Children
Show Details3min 34s
Chapter 4: The Best Parents are Like Giraffes!
Show Details3min 17s
Chapter 3: Give Your Children Life Skills!
Show Details3min 58s
Chapter 2: Do You Want your Children to Become like the Boatman or the Professor
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Chapter 1: How Do I Get My Children to Listen and Concentrate?
Show Details3min 54s
Introduction to 101 Secrets of Effective Parenting
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