The Prodigal Brothers

These are four brothers who live their lives separately. No matter how close or further away they stray from the status quo: their experiences, expertise, opinions, and debates are second to none. This is where they are discussed.


Email Me Ya Sex Paperwork (S1 E7)
Show Details1hr 9min
You Gotta Shampoo Your Armpit Hair (S1 E6)
Show Details51min 48s
We Need 2 Erase Race (S1 E5)
Show Details1hr 11min
You Ever Kiss a Girl With a Mask On (S1E4)
Show Details51min 5s
This Man Said Madea Family Reunion!(S1 E3)
Show Details53min 24s
Russell Westbrook's in Town, Hide Ya Wives(S1 E2)
Show Details45min 45s
I Tried 2 Be On Time(S1 E1)
Show Details46min 55s
Older vs Young (The Pilot)
Show Details1hr 3min