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15 Minutes in the Sauna

15 Minutes in the Sauna is a podcast that challenges you to think about who you are and dares you to face the tougher choices that you might have to make in life. I'm your host, Jeff Bilbrey. 

I came up with the idea for 15 minutes in the Sauna after sitting in a dry sauna every day. In a dry sauna, 15 minutes is the magic number. Every day, in the last two minutes, I wanted to claw my skin off just to get out of the heat. That is what this Podcast is about. Facing the tough stuff a little bit each day, so that one day you can face it with a smile. 


Episode 7: What's your passion and why aren't you following it
Show Details15min 6s
Episode 6: Keto depression is a thing... who would have thought?
Show Details23min 17s
Episode 5: I day drink and talk the Keto diet
Show Details19min 59s
Episode 4: Be authentic, or be damned.
Show Details17min 10s
Episode 3: When there’s no where else to turn to, look up
Show Details16min 30s
Episode 2: Listen to your body, and know your own self worth
Show Details16min 2s
Episode 1 Redux: Welcome back from 2018
Show Details15min 1s