Consenting Adults

Life STARTS at 40, and is fabulous well into your 50’s and beyond, despite what society says about being “over the hill.” The 40+ adult is more open, experiments more, and has finally embraced the living part of life. Consenting Adults explores this new frontier. From open marriages to swinging, ethical non-monogamy, sex workers, and chasing that libido, every day people reveal what really goes on behind closed doors and how they’re enjoying sex and life more than ever. When it’s a normal way of living for many, is it still “freaky?” Frank, funny, thought-provoking conversations with Emmy Award-winning journalist and host of Consenting Adults, Leyna Nguyen.


EP 071 Polyamorous Swingers
Show Details23min 43s
EP 070 Total Power Exchange and BDSM
Show Details23min 59s
EP 069 We Were Outed as Swingers
Show Details21min 6s
EP 068 Jamie Kennedy--DID He Experiment?!
Show Details27min 2s
EP 067 Full Tilt Cuckold
Show Details21min 24s
EP 066 When Compersion Hits
Show Details25min 42s
EP 065 Tom Leykis on Marriage and Monogamy and an MFM Gone Wrong
Show Details26min 1s
EP 064 Jewels the Femdom
Show Details24min 15s
Bonus Epidsode: Do's & Don'ts of Online Dating
Show Details1hr 2min
EP 063 The Poly Kinkster
Show Details24min 27s
EP 062 Not Quite Swingers
Show Details24min 15s
EP 061 Your Husband Did WHAT?!
Show Details23min 13s
EP 060 On-Again Off-Again Swingers, Sex on the Fringe
Show Details26min 7s
EP 059 - DTF Couple Sifting and Sorting Swingers
Show Details28min 42s
EP 058 - How I Became a Unicorn and How to Attract One
Show Details24min 41s
EP 057 - Real BDSM Couple
Show Details27min 30s
EP 056 - The Sexy Bisexual Poly Librarian Swinger
Show Details22min 9s
EP 055 - Cuckold Newbies
Show Details27min 40s
EP 054 - Searching for Real Bisexual Women
Show Details30min 22s
EP 053 - The Shy Swinger
Show Details23min 32s
EP 052 - Single Male's Hotwife Dating Diaries
Show Details30min 20s
EP 051 - Sapiosexual Swingers
Show Details26min 54s
EP 050 - Young Swingers
Show Details21min 52s
EP 049 - The Elusive Cuckquean
Show Details24min 36s
Ep 048 - The Unsuspecting Swingers
Show Details26min 19s
EP 047 - The Confident Cuck
Show Details27min 27s
EP 046 - Bisexual Explorations
Show Details27min 4s
EP 045 - Evolution of a Cuckold Couple
Show Details26min 8s
EP 044 - Swinging Baby Steps
Show Details24min 19s
EP 043 - SwingFessions
Show Details27min 14s
EP 042 - Venus Cuckoldress
Show Details23min 30s
EP 041 - Chinese Hotwife
Show Details25min 55s
EP 040 - Marriage Redefined
Show Details25min 56s
EP 039 - Lesbian or Just Lovers?
Show Details37min 18s
EP 038 - Feeling Bullish
Show Details30min 39s
EP 037 - Friends with a Twist!
Show Details31min 43s
EP 036 - Sex Party Enthusiast
Show Details32min 45s
EP 035 - Cuckold Couple
Show Details32min 8s
EP 034 - Sex Workers Need Love Too
Show Details33min 20s
EP 033 - Yoda Swingers
Show Details30min 24s
EP 032 - Texas Swingers
Show Details31min 11s
EP 031 - Hot Wives
Show Details41min 16s
EP 030 - Swinging, Married and Bisexual
Show Details37min 48s
EP 029 - Accidental Swingers
Show Details42min 46s
EP 028 - Masculine Sexual Leadership
Show Details36min 25s
EP 027 - Naughty Mormons (Part 2)
Show Details28min 45s
Ep 026 - Naughty Mormons (Part 1)
Show Details38min 13s
EP 025 - Front Porch Swingers
Show Details31min 34s
EP 024 - No Pants Required
Show Details39min 49s
EP 023 - The Hot Wife
Show Details28min 6s
EP 022 - Sex Uninterrupted
Show Details33min 27s
EP 021 - Married Interracial Swingers
Show Details40min 23s
EP 020 - From Vanilla to Fun
Show Details32min
EP 019 - Spiritual Swingers
Show Details35min 21s
EP 018 - The Bedroom Sorcerer-teaching BDSM
Show Details38min 33s
EP 017 - The Monogamish Marriage
Show Details42min 19s
EP 016 - A Marriage and an Affair
Show Details37min 46s
EP 015 - The Bull
Show Details33min 29s
EP 014 - Average Swingers
Show Details39min 21s
EP 013 - Ayla's Polyamorous Relationship with Two Best Friends
Show Details33min
EP 012 - Sexual Energy Coach
Show Details31min 14s
EP 011 - Casual Swingers
Show Details37min 30s
EP 010 - Fab at 50!
Show Details38min 42s
EP 009 - Swinging ladies
Show Details35min 33s
EP 008 - Covid and Kink
Show Details36min 40s
Ep 007 - Faith and Fidelity
Show Details33min 14s
EP 006 - School Social Worker says NO MORE monogamy for her!
Show Details26min 51s
EP 005 - Elsa Ramon on Divorce, Dating, and Dildos!
Show Details44min 11s
EP 004 - Are Swingers Really Normal People?
Show Details31min 48s
EP 003 - The difference between swinging, polyamory, and Taco Tuesday!
Show Details35min 21s
EP 002 - Actor David Marciano talks openly about cheating & his quest to be ethically non-monogamous
Show Details33min 51s
EP 001 - Mike & Wendy – A married couple’s introduction to sex clubs
Show Details43min 28s
Consenting Adults Trailer
Show Details1min 28s