• EP 09 Jamie Kennedy on Sex and Cancel Culture

    Jamie Kennedy had so much to say on Consenting Adults, we decided to share more of the conversation to relaunch Leyna Nguyen, Unscripted. The actor/comedian talks openly about his views on sex and the women's movement, sex work and porn, and being a comedian in today's PC world.

    Make sure you catch him on Consenting Adults where he talks about why he never married, his views on monogamy and what kind of lifestyle activities he's familiar with.

    You can find out what Jamie's up to at JamieKennedy.com

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    21m | Nov 15, 2021
  • EP 08 Actor David Marciano talks acting, addiction, and life lessons.

    How did a troubled kid from Newark end up in Hollywood and become a bonafide actor? Timing. Failure in the right moments. Marciano talks about the events that lead up to his success, his downfall and demons, and life lessons...in an interview filled with laughter, dotted with anecdotes, and punctuated with tears. He's been on The Shield, Homeland, Bosch, and a long list of other shows and movies but David Marciano the man, has much to share about life. Gambling, drugs, sex, and rock n roll. Spirituality, gratefulness, and mindfulness. We also talk a bit of football and poker! You can find David on social media: FB: facebook.com/david.marciano.731 Twitter @DavidMarciano IG: @DavidMarciano

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    48m | Dec 18, 2018
  • EP 07 Interracial Dating, preference or fetish?

    An Asian girl, a white guy, and a black girl sit at a table. No joke, we discuss interracial relationships. When is something a preference, and when is it a fetish? A pic posted on social media of me and a white boyfriend generated a lot of talk about Asian women dating white men and interracial dating in general. Even today there are strong feelings about this. Conversation naturally extends to racism in this country and why/how it seems worse today than it was years ago. Suspect one--social media! But it's hot just about race; it's also about sex and what we think we know about people, based on what they look like. Guests: Ted Sullivan, writer, "Star Trek, Supergirl" Twitter handle @karterhol, and Gwen Gatti, makeup artist.

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    53m | Dec 11, 2018
  • EP 06 Financial Fitness: The Importance of taking control of your finances

    You work hard for your money--is your money working hard for you? How secure is your future? Are you saving enough money for retirement? A lot of smart, successful people don't know how and where to invest their money to make sure they're prepared for life's unexpected emergencies, and set themselves up to live comfortably in their golden years. Do you really understand the different types of life insurance to ensure you have the right kind of policy? "Financial educator" Francine Ayala talks about what people can do to lower debt and create a nest egg while Leyna shares how a midlife career change finally made her take charge of her financial future!  

    This episode, while the general information is still pertinent, doesn't delve deep enough and we will be doing an another episode with Financial Advisors to talk about investing today, in light of the changing times. Stay tuned!

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    35m | Dec 4, 2018
  • EP 05 Hard Parenting Decisions With FabMom Jill Simonian

    FABMOM Jill Simonian talks parenting choices including stay-at-home moms, vaccinations, spanking, and interacting with your children's friends' parents. What if other parents are gossiping about you? What if YOUR child is the bully? We don't name names, but if it sounds like we're talking about you--we probably are. The restaurant she talks about is called Cafe Jacks and you can find Jill at:

    Twitter & IG: @jillsimonian Facebook.com/jill.simonian (profile) Facebook.com/jillsimonian.thefabmom (page) website is TheFABMom.com

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    34m | Nov 27, 2018
  • EP 04 Don Most, Ralph Malph from Happy Days

    Donny Most actually read for the part of Potsie but became a household name as Ralph Malph. Unlike his character, Don talks about being an introvert, his struggles after the show's crazy success, his first love, and what's he's doing now. We also discuss poker strategy, food, and music. Oh, and he believes in UFO's. Twitter handle @Most_Don and find him on FB at facebook.com/donmostmusic

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    51m | Nov 20, 2018
  • Ep 03 The Truth About Online Dating

    Got carpel tunnel from swiping right? We're lettin' it all out there and sharing our experiences with online dating. Coffee, lunch, or dinner? Who pays? From catfishing to creepy, dangerous situations, to interpreting the lingo & learning how to filter out the undesirables, our guests talk about finding love (or hook ups) online from the views of both sexes. Guests: Debra Brown-Kondratczyk, Decors by Design and Eric Vonheim, Turned up Media. 

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    1h 1m | Nov 14, 2018
  • EP 02 Surviving Office Politics

    Anyone who says they never play office politics is either lying or unemployed. It's unavoidable and HOW you do it can make or break your career. It's alive and well in tv news, real estate, and every industry, including healthcare. In fact doctors may be the worse! The higher-educated or profiled the "employee," the more office politics are involved. How to spot the backstabbers and brown-nosers and how you can improve your professional image. Kissing a$$ is a slippery slope...tread lightly! Guests: Denny Hooten, Director of Group Operations, Healthcare Partners and Tom Costello, Tom Costello Estates.


    1. What everyone else doesn't know, CAN'T hurt you! Don't over-share. Beware the social work functions! (Holiday parties, training sessions, group activities)

    2. Don't Gossip. Listen actively and use information to your advantage.

    3. Don't vent at work. The information can be used against you.

    4. Choose your friends carefully: backstabbers and guilt by association.

    5. You're alway being watched, whether you're an employee or a manager.

    6. Kissing up: it works, but long term-- it's detrimental.

    1h 4m | Nov 13, 2018
  • Ep 01 How to Make a Midlife Career Change

    6 tips for making a career change. What about the money? How and why did we walk away from a "dream job" to do something else?! !It's a scary proposition, but quitting was the best thing we did! 3 Los Angeles news professionals discuss why they gave up a high-salaried career; the good, the bad, and the ugly of reinventing yourself. They talk bad bosses, money, happiness, and family. Must you choose between career and family or can you really have it all? If you're stuck in a rut and thinking about quitting your job--listen to the plans and mistakes we made. Guests: Elsa Ramon, "Adventures in Crypto," formerly with CBS Los Angeles, and Stephanie Medina, Public Affairs for Goodwill Industries, Southern California, formerly with KCAL & KTLA.

    6 Tips for midlife career change according to First Republic Bank

    1. Each day you stay in a job you no longer love because the money is great, the further behind you are from financial freedom
    2. Do not take the saying "follow your dream and the money will follow too seriously
    3. Focus on work and not money concerns
    4. Understand the real reason you are not happy with your current career lies within
    5. Be wary of short term solutions
    6. Career planning alone won't work. You need a combination of financial and career planning

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    44m | Nov 12, 2018
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