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Leyna Nguyen Unscripted

After a hiatus to launch her other podcast called Consenting Adults, Leyna Nguyen is beginning production again for this podcast with an interview style show featuring celeb interviews and topics ranging from finances to midlife changes to current events and issues. New episodes start November 2021, kicking off with a talk with Jamie Kennedy on Sex, Comedy, and Cancel Culture.

Emmy-award winning journalist quits news and goes unscripted. Interviews w celebrities, experts & regular Joes on social issues current events & topics that may be controversial, creepy, or funny. From life lessons to professional insights to hilarious personal experiences. News you can use and stuff that doesn't matter but is fun to talk about!

If you'd like to be a guest or suggest a topic please contact Leyna via Twitter at @LeynaNguyenTV


EP 09 Jamie Kennedy on Sex and Cancel Culture
Show Details21min 2s
EP 08 Actor David Marciano talks acting, addiction, and life lessons.
Show Details48min 59s
EP 07 Interracial Dating, preference or fetish?
Show Details53min 38s
EP 06 Financial Fitness: The Importance of taking control of your finances
Show Details35min 23s
EP 05 Hard Parenting Decisions With FabMom Jill Simonian
Show Details34min 58s
EP 04 Don Most, Ralph Malph from Happy Days
Show Details51min 28s
Ep 03 The Truth About Online Dating
Show Details1hr 1min
EP 02 Surviving Office Politics
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep 01 How to Make a Midlife Career Change
Show Details44min 12s