Real Work Stories

The Podcast Where I talk about everything that happens at work in customer service that you haven't talked about. This will be fun!


You did it, not me!
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Pet Peeves Pt 6
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Things I can't control!
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That wasn't smart!
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My PTO is not a request
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Things I don't Care about!
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What customer service has done to me.
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What did you say?
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Thank you!
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People I don't like helping
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Pet Peeves Pt 5.
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Teamwork No Dream work
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Things I wish I could say!
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Hold Please!
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Bad customer service
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Free Speech!
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Things I can't say
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Pet Peeves Pt 4
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Customers Say the Darndest Things
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Racist Much?!?!
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Pet Peeves Pt3.
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Dude! Where's my food
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Different Job Same Coworker
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Famous with a twist
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Pet Peeves Pt. 2
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Real Work Stories Pilot/Pet Peeves Pt1
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