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Real Work Stories

The Real Work Stories podcast is a laugh riot. Whether you work in customer service now, or have in the past, this hilarious podcast is sure to make you laugh. As the theme goes, these are real stories from real call center employees of all different types of companies across the country.


Ep 47. Milkshake Maddness
Show Details17min 30s
Ep 46. Log Out
Show Details21min 40s
Ep. 45 Cancelled
Show Details22min 33s
Ep. 44 Pet Peeves Pt 7
Show Details16min 21s
Ep. 43 Chaos Strikes Again!
Show Details20min 37s
Ep 42. Agent Of Chaos
Show Details19min 16s
Ep 41. Shocking Statistics
Show Details14min 32s
Ep. 40 I'm Back
Show Details14min 28s
Ep 39. The Battle of Bojangles
Show Details18min 33s
Ep 38. Highest Bill Ever
Show Details18min 26s
Ep 37. It's not my fault
Show Details10min 24s
Ep 36. Pot Luck No-Nos pt 2
Show Details17min 22s
Ep 35. The Shop
Show Details11min 56s
Ep 34. Let’s Eat.
Show Details15min 38s
Ep 33. Pot Luck No-no's
Show Details17min 19s
Ep 32. Job description
Show Details15min 1s
Ep. 31. Apathy
Show Details12min 34s
Ep 30. Waste of time
Show Details14min 18s
Ep. 29 I don't want to hear it.
Show Details11min 43s
Ep 28. This just in Pt 2
Show Details13min 24s
Ep 27. This Just In
Show Details13min 30s
Ep 26. You did it, not me!
Show Details13min 43s
Ep 25. Pet Peeves Pt 6
Show Details14min 13s
Ep 24. Things I can't control!
Show Details14min 31s
Ep 23. That wasn't smart!
Show Details13min 17s
Ep 22. My PTO is not a request
Show Details15min 17s
Ep 21. Things I don't Care about!
Show Details16min 27s
Ep 20. What customer service has done to me.
Show Details17min
Ep 19. What did you say?
Show Details15min 27s
Ep 18. Thank you!
Show Details9min 41s
Ep 17. People I don't like helping
Show Details15min 26s
Ep 16. Pet Peeves Pt 5.
Show Details16min 51s
Ep 15. Teamwork No Dream work
Show Details12min 41s
Ep 14. Things I wish I could say!
Show Details15min 41s
Ep 13. Hold Please!
Show Details16min 13s
Ep. 12. Bad customer service
Show Details12min 16s
Ep 11. Free Speech!
Show Details16min 52s
Ep 10. Things I can't say
Show Details12min 54s
Ep 9. Pet Peeves Pt 4
Show Details12min 23s
Ep 8. Customers Say the Darndest Things
Show Details19min 56s
Ep 7. Racist Much?!?!
Show Details21min 51s
Ep 6. Pet Peeves Pt3.
Show Details16min 22s
Ep 5. Dude! Where's my food
Show Details10min 50s
Ep 4. Different Job Same Coworker
Show Details22min 15s
Ep 3. Famous with a twist
Show Details14min 41s
Ep. 2. Pet Peeves Pt. 2
Show Details17min 53s
Ep. 1. Real Work Stories Pilot/Pet Peeves Pt1
Show Details21min 24s