I Don't Do Toilets Podcast

We are on a journey towards financial independence. We are not there but running the race. This podcast will Encourage and Empower our peers, Gen X’er's to join along. Our goal, to share experiences and knowledge giving you  relatable and practical content towards building wealth. We’ll discuss entrepreneurship, stock market investing, real estate, wealth building and everything in between. Enjoy the podcast.


Episode 20: A Milestone, Lets Celebrate
Show Details25min 28s
Episode 19: Big Bank Gives Little Bank
Show Details33min 37s
Episode 18: Black Wall Street
Show Details26min 3s
Episode 17: Returning back to the office? NOPE!
Show Details26min 34s
Episode 16: Freedom! It’s Juneteenth!
Show Details34min 1s
Episode 15: Retirement crossroad
Show Details42min 5s
Episode 14: She wants to travel but has an attitude
Show Details30min 34s
Episode 13: Mind & Behavior - Has it shifted?
Show Details26min 34s
Episode 12: The Hustle! Higher Education is Big Business!
Show Details53min 21s
Episode 11: Pay Off My Debt or Should I Invest First?
Show Details20min 44s
Episode 10: 2020 Remnant
Show Details47min 45s
Episode 9: You Want to Invest, but???
Show Details37min 52s
Episode 8: Entrepreneurship & Financial Independence
Show Details27min 8s
Episode 7: One Night in Austin
Show Details50min 10s
Episode 6: $200k Debt Unpacked
Show Details47min 19s
Episode 5: $200k+ amount of DEBT PAID OFF!
Show Details58min 39s
Episode 4: On F.I.R.E.
Show Details21min 44s
Episode 3: The Blueprint
Show Details36min 1s
Episode 2: Be the Bank
Show Details45min 56s
Episode 1: The Intro
Show Details27min 12s