• Let's Talk About Art

    Frida and Thor started with crayons at 8 months old but now at 13 months their art journey is progressing. In this episode we talk about the benefits of art for young children and what connections are being created in these tiny humans.

    E6 - 27m - Oct 14, 2020
  • Face Time Families

    FaceTime for babies? Feeling guilty about screen time? You are not alone, but we are trying to be gentle on ourselves, especially in this time. Emily and Gigja talk about how they have adapted their preconceived ideas about screen time to stay connected and help their babies make connections with friends and family.

    E5 - 21m - Sep 28, 2020
  • Circle Time

    What is Circle Time? How and why do you do it? Just a few questions we answer on this weeks episode.

    E4 - 21m - Sep 17, 2020
  • 1 Year Old , Already!?

    Birthday themed play days, and a little sadness and some rejoicing after Frida and Thor turn 1 year old.

    E3 - 22m - Sep 11, 2020
  • Is Thor Walking Yet?

    Thor is just a few weeks shy of his first birthday and although it seems he is ready to walk he hasn't quite made the leap. Any day now! It's an exciting time. Gigja and Emily discuss their walking journey with Frida and Thor.

    E2 - 10m - Aug 31, 2020
  • An Introduction

    Before we get into it, a little introduction. Get to know Frida and Thor's mama's through this quick episode about when they met, where their paths drifted, and how they came back together when they got pregnant. Gigja and Emily share why they decided to start this podcast and what their goals are in the process.

    E1 - 2m - Aug 31, 2020
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Frida And Thor