Fr. John's Homilies

Join Fr. John Rose as he passionately reflects on the Sunday Gospel readings and their application in our lives.


Palm Sunday
Show Details8min 30s
3rd Sunday of Lent: The Cleansing of the Temple
Show Details10min 18s
The Transfiguration of Jesus: 2nd Sunday of Lent
Show Details7min 43s
1st Sunday of Lent: Jesus' Temptation of Success with Old Israel's Temptation of Failure
Show Details7min 23s
Jesus Christ: Our Healer
Show Details7min 8s
Jesus Christ: Our Redeemer
Show Details8min 57s
God's Way is the Best Way
Show Details9min 12s
Jesus Is the True Messiah
Show Details8min
'Why and What' of Jesus' Baptism
Show Details8min 6s
Three Wise Men
Show Details6min 38s
Jan 1: Mary, Mother of God
Show Details8min 38s
Advent Reflection
Show Details17min 55s