Welcome to SpontaneaTalks! Here we will explore the many spontaneities of life during sit down conversations between hosts, Jared and Chance. Discussion will begin after a random topic is selected from a spinning wheel. The proposed topic, however, often strays in directions you might never expect. So whether you are driving home from work, or relaxing at home, sit back, grab a refreshing drink, and join us as we unpack the randomness that surrounds our everyday lives.


SpontaneaTalks - Episode 9: Fashion to Math
Show Details20min 56s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 8: Reality to Religion
Show Details40min 33s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 7: Cheese to Memories
Show Details20min 44s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 6: Tea to Alcohol
Show Details22min 17s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 5: Dogs to Desensitization
Show Details19min 19s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 4: Christmas Origins to Super Secret Santa
Show Details19min 10s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 3: Trees to Individualized Success
Show Details20min 17s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 2: Nicknames to John the Psychiatrist
Show Details18min 55s
SpontaneaTalks - Episode 1: Virtual Reality to Social Empathy
Show Details18min 52s