I Have HIV

The “I Have HIV” Podcast is dedicated to people living with HIV and their friends, and their family members. It is the first podcast of its kind that features a host that is actively and openly living with HIV, and includes guests who are doing the same, struggling to adapt, overcoming negative stigma, and so much more. 

Josh Mica was diagnosed with Stage 3 HIV in 2018 with a T-Cell count of ten, feeling overwhelmed with a terminal diagnosis if left untreated, Josh Mica started to get involved with finding a way to prevent anyone else from getting this diagnosis. That same year he joined Thomas Street Health Clinic Advisory Board, where he started to get a better understanding of what it meant to be living with HIV.

Searching for more information the following year in 2019 Josh Mica joined the Ryan White LEAP Class a 16-week program about the history of HIV in the Houston Community after completing the program, Josh Mica joined the Ryan White Planning Council, where he serves as Vice-Chair for Priority and Allocations Committee.

Seeing there was a gap in communication Josh Mica stated POZ Impact, Houston’s first Radio show dedicated to PLHIV their friends and family, in the past year Josh Mica has had the opportunity of interviewing multiple candidates running for national and local office, HIV Organizations, Community Advocates, Medical Doctors, Mental Health providers are some of the guests Josh Mica has had on his show.

We hope you will join the conversation with our host Josh Mica as he shares his experience of living with HIV with no insurance in the 3rd largest city, with a rotating guest panel, where no topic off limits as he continues the conversation about current the HIV epidemic that is facing our nation. I have HIV will keep the conversation going until we reach ZERO new transmissions.

Eventually, Josh would strike a deal with multi-millionaire Antonio T Smith Jr, to have his radio show distributed around the world to help as many people as he can. Welcome to the “I Have HIV” Podcast.


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