trY (the real YOU)

weekdays podcasts where we connect together through life experiences and learning how to cope through the hardships

so please tune inwards with me and let's become The Real You.


everything comes to an end
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have vs experienced
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are you living, or are you just existing?
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live in the now!!!
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you are unique!
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shifting lanes
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quarantine by choice
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how has mindfulness changed your life, interview with Donna Rivers
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we are the creations from our environment
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the need to fix things
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wounds, bandages, and scars
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talk nice to yourself
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listen to understand
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dating app
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separation anxiety
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negative thoughts
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i am in a relationship
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more doesn't equate to happiness
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life post covid
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what is your purpose in life?
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me and my addiction
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how "in the present moment" are you?
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toxic positivity
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patience is key
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"it wasn't meant to be"
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the 3Rs to self nurturing
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normalize mental fitness
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put your brain on pause
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life is not a ppp
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advice seeking equals external validation
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celebrating small successes
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what does summer mean to you?
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i found myself through love
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my solitude trip
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i dreamt about my x last night
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Pilot- what is trY?
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