Jay Jordan Navigated Incarceration With A Stutter. Now He’s Transforming the Criminal Justice System.

Season 2 | Episode 21
29m | Aug 25, 2023

Jay Jordan, a person who stutters, has devoted his life after incarceration to challenging the stigma surrounding criminal records. For the first time ever, Jay opens up publicly about what it was like serving seven-years in prison with a stutter. He talks about a life changing experience that led him to coming to terms with his stutter and his purpose. 

Post-incarceration, Jay faced rejection when it came to jobs and getting an apartment. But Jay developed a high level of resilience with having a debilitating stuttering as a child. Since then, he has learned to lean into his stutter, now leading one of the largest advocacy organizations in the country where he speaks publicly on a daily basis. 

Jesse Vasquez is guest co-host. He leads Friends of San Quentin News and provides a platform for incarcerated individuals to share their stories and be heard. By elevating these voices, Jesse hopes to draw attention to the issues within the criminal justice system and work towards meaningful reform.

Both Jay and Jesse's personal experiences with incarceration have shaped their dedication to transforming the criminal justice system. They understand the impact that the system can have on individuals and their families, and they use their platforms to advocate for change and support those affected. Their work very much reflects what Proud Stutter is trying to do with the stuttering community: addressing the stigma and striving for a more equitable and just world.

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Host: Maya Chupkov

Guest Co-Host: Jesse Vasquez

Guest: Jay Jordan

Sound Designer: Leo Maymind

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