Embracing Speech Diversity: Proud Stutter gala clips, 2023 Highlights & More

Season 2
31m | Dec 29, 2023

Host of Proud Stutter Maya recaps Proud Stutter’s annual gala with some clips from the evening, featuring special guests Senator Scott Wiener and San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston. She also looks back on some of Proud Stutter’s biggest moments from 2023 and more!

Part 1: Proud Stutter's Gala

01:33 Julian's Speech: The Silence of Stuttering

06:12 Sarah's Story: Overcoming Fear and Embracing Stuttering

10:40 Johnny's Journey: Finding Community and Advocacy

15:12 Zainab's Poetry: Expressing Pain and Resilience

17:58 Supervisor Dean Preston

22:49 Senator Scott Wiener

Part 2

24:35 Proud Stutter's Achievements and Highlights of 2023

27:27 Adriana's Story: A Story of Resilience

29:31 Looking Forward to 2024

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2023 Proud Stutter Highlights

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