Bossy Heels

Weekly show for women entrepreneurs. I interview top performers, coaches, personal development experts. We share self-discovery tools, productivity and time management hacks and business success strategies to help you live your best life.


4 Ways How To Shortcut Your Learning
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7 Powerful Ways To Bring More Customers To Your Business
Show Details24min 55s
6 Steps To Passive Income in Your Coaching Business
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How To Make Offers So Good People Will Feel Silly Saying No To Them
Show Details21min 32s
If your entrepreneurial and growth journey feels lonely and not supported...
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How to Get Good at sales, so that everything else is irrelevant...
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7 Tips How to Set Goals so you actually achieve them with ease...
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5 Top Tips How to sell your offer without feeling icky
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"From traumatic childhood to accomplishing all wildest dreams before 40..." My Interview with best selling author Suyoung Kim
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If your family does not support your business idea...
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The Success Secret I have learned from elite athletes...
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From Purpose to Prosperity. How Finding Your Authentic Self can help build the Business of Your Dreams?
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5 Productivity Hacks that will 10X your Efficiency
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How to define your ideal client and customer? And what people actually buy?
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Story about asking for help early
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5 Top Tips to Winning Your Morning and Winning Your Day
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5 Practical tools to change your limiting beliefs!
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Mindset Reset Coaching ( How to win in 2021)
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6 Steps to create a service business that can thrive without you!
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How to set your goals for 2021
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What is Human design? How it can help you optimize your energy levels at work and life.
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