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The Road to English Proficiency using everyday words, phrases, cultural information and real-life situations.


Episode 10 - Ten (10) Shocking Facts About Walmart!
Show Details19min 24s
Episode 9 - Word Blends in English - "Chillaxin' on a Staycation!"
Show Details19min 49s
Episode 8 - Special Guest Interview - My Twin Brother and the Ukulele
Show Details26min 31s
Episode 7 - Who Am I? 10 Questions I Answer About Myself!
Show Details29min 22s
Episode 6 - Coming to Grips With Phrasal Verbs - The Verb "Come"
Show Details26min 12s
Episode 5 - Halloween in the United States
Show Details24min 21s
Episode 4 - All You Ever Wanted To Know About Texas!
Show Details25min 41s
Episode 3 - Language Learning Lessons From a Polyglot
Show Details29min 39s
Episode 2 - How To Talk Texan!
Show Details18min 25s
Episode 1 - My Language Learning Story and the Secret to Learning a New Language
Show Details14min 33s