My Brother's Friend and I

The podcast where two guys have one mutual connection, the brother. Trevor and Kory discuss different topics in a light hearted and open mindset. They take you back to their childhood and share stories of growing up. Expect to hear about TikTok, business, science, peanut allergies, and much more! Join them each Friday as they get together virtually to catch up and talk.


Unrealistic Expectations
Show Details34min 10s
Show Details34min 26s
Show Details34min 39s
Winning the Lottery
Show Details33min 54s
Thin Mints
Show Details37min 9s
Road Rage
Show Details39min 24s
Safe Words
Show Details34min 21s
Mars Landing
Show Details35min 45s
TikTok vs Vine
Show Details35min 10s
Cats or Dogs
Show Details34min 24s
Diabolical Dentists
Show Details32min 44s
Wallstreetbets and Pizza
Show Details32min 29s
Drivers License
Show Details34min 24s
Kissing Elephants
Show Details33min 37s