The Missi Talk

The Missi Talk is all about fun, life, self improvement and entrepreneurship. My Ivorian eye will give my honest opinion on various topics and share my thoughts on life, business and so on. So just stay here and together we will learn from each other and have fun.


1st Time as an Entrepreneur (Experiences, Advices)
Show Details49min 16s
Q&A Session 1
Show Details30min 29s
Let's MissiTalk Again - A break was needed!!!
Show Details32min 22s
INSECURITIES-Let's MissiTalk about it
Show Details40min 46s
Show Details35min 27s
Parlons Facebook "Qu'est ce qui va pas ??"
Show Details23min 18s
Let's MissiTalk about my Social Anxiety Background
Show Details32min 11s
Les Médias Ivoiriens, On En Parle???- BONI YAO X MISSI
Show Details59min 7s
Episode 1-Iam MissiTalking
Show Details19min 28s
TheMissiTalk is here!!!
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The MissiTalk est Là!!!!
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