Punk Law 101 - A Legal News, Commentary, & Comedy Series

Punk Law 101- A Legal News, Commentary, & Comedy Series

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Ever wonder what to do when you get stopped by the cops?

What you need to do to copyright your artwork? Ever wonder, do TV shows get the lawyer stuff right? How about the odd relationship between Student Loans & Bankruptcy?

Asking these questions might make you think- why didn't school explain this to me?

Punk Law 101 is an informational and entertainment series provided by New York & New Jersey Lawyer, Walter John Deptuch, Esq.

No he doesn't look, act or sound like a lawyer. He's trying to help you (& himself sometimes) understand the crazy legal system upon which America relies on.

Through a series of youtube videos, podcasts and interviews with other lawyers and local stand up comedians. We're gonna try to figure out just how and why our legal system works the way it does... and is there a way it could work better?

We'll review recent #SupremeCourt decisions, discuss current and past #political movements, and compare pop culture references like TV Shows, Movies and even Memes!

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Walter: @Brojodeathpunch

Follow the podcast at: @punklaw101


Deshaun Watson's 22 lawsuits with Massage Therapists and live react to Matt Gaetz news!!
Show Details50min 49s
Derek Chauvin, Demon Nike Trademark Lawsuit and Sending Kids to Jail for LIFE!
Show Details42min 35s
Initial 2020 Election Breakdown! Ft. Chris Park
Show Details2hr
NXIVM Leader Sentenced- SCOTUS on WI, PA & NC Elections- Kavanaugh Swings?
Show Details1hr 1min
Amy Coney Barrett - Court Packing- 25th Amendment- Stealing the Gov. of Michigan
Show Details1hr 28min
Rest in Peace- Ruth Bader Ginsberg (recorded 9/20/2020)
Show Details1hr 13min
Delaying the Election, Tiktok Ban/Forced Sale & Teaching Law with Dick Jokes!
Show Details52min 43s
The 9th Amendment- Negative Precedent! The National Vote Compact & Washington Trademark Trolls
Show Details1hr 15min
Trump Subpoena Cases! Birth Control & Obamacare! Half of Oklahoma is a Reservation!- US Supreme Court - Punk Law 101
Show Details1hr 20min
SCOTUS! - Electoral College, Robocalls, Trademark's with ".com" & MORE!!!
Show Details57min 54s
Supreme Court! DACA and Asylum-seekers! The Proposed Police Reform Bills
Show Details1hr 10min
LGBT Employment Discrimination! Gas Pipelines! ICE! A Death Row Case and more!!!
Show Details58min 36s
Revolution!- Qualified Immunity? NY Makes Police Discipline Public, Chauvin Charges upgraded!
Show Details1hr 11min
George Floyd, Amy Cooper- Police Brutality and our initial reactions to the riots in Minnesota (Recorded 5/30/2020)
Show Details35min 54s
Supreme Court on Zoom? Town halls? Law School? Oh god!- Fixing Personal Injury Ft. John Rinaldi Esq.
Show Details40min 58s
"Rules" Lawyers Wished You Knew & Followed
Show Details1hr 2min
2 Young Lawyers talk- Attorney Life, Bail Reform & NY's New Discovery Rules Ft. John Rinaldi Esq.
Show Details1hr 8min
Preamble- Punk Law 101- A Legal News, Commentary, & Comedy Series
Show Details3min 49s