• PIC Ep. 19 — I Graduated!! Encounters of the Japanese Kind, and The 未来

    UHの大学に卒業して4ヶ月から日本人と遊んでいて日本語をしきりに練習して数えきれない時腰をmessed up.

    So yea that sums it up…lol I graduated in May and took way too fucking long to acclimate to what is all around literally an easier life. My routines are setup with dance and Japanese and now it’s time to actually relearn Spanish and read the books on my bookshelf given all the brain space I’ve freed up! Tata for now, humans

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    S2E18 - 27m - Aug 15, 2022
  • Ep. 18 — They Hiatus Cuz They Ain’t Us

    Yea so here I briefly go into why I will be stopping the Peaked In College podcast at this point. I really just don’t feel right doing a solo podcast and a partner with comedic chemistry to bounce back and forth with and share the conversational 🍆load🍆 is absolutely necessary for me to continue podcasting. So at this point, I’ve been Joseph and sayonara/さよなら

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    S2E4 - 3m - Mar 30, 2022
  • Ep. 17 — Keep Ukraine In Your Minds And Hearts

    I mainly talk about feelings of purposelessness here, my trip to Japan getting cancelled, my prospects for moving there next June and touch mysel—I mean touch on the topic of Ukraine.

    Quick note: The U.S. imposing economic sanctions on Russia hurts Russian citizens when we should be sanctioning and seizing assets of the multimillionaire class in Russia and their oligarchs instead. Many companies like McDonalds and PepsiCo that ordinary Russians work for are now pulling out of Russia because they can’t transfer/wire back the money made from sales and business there(not because it’s a noble thing to pull out of the country that’s started a war). Russia has since moved to the Swift banking system meaning that we lost a big client over this war here and our not-so-great handling of things on our end but at least we haven’t sent in troops(…even though we’ve sent military equipment). Things are FUBAR over there and so let’s be glad we only have to worry about higher gas prices at the pump meanwhile people are losing everything they own in Ukraine if not their lives and that Russians are doing poorly, too with their economy close to collapsing

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    S2E3 - 28m - Mar 11, 2022
  • Ep. 16 — A Job That Blows Sucks But A Blow Job Rocks

    So I mainly talk about how my new job teaching breakdance 5 evenings a week is making me feel and I mostly go into my home inspection story a little bit (: oh and why to this day I still haven’t done a threesome but feel all the more fulfilled in spite of it. Oh and I went to Chicago and had deep dish pizza for the first time. Fcking. Solid. 🤘🏼. Even better: I didn’t have to pay for it. And that’s why Chicago Deep Dish > New York Burnt Sh!t

    Oh I also ate Mac n’ Cheese in Minatowoc, Wisconsin. Phenomenal

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    S2E16 - 22m - Mar 4, 2022
  • Ep. 15 — Ben’s Leaving; Oh No!

    これから、一人でぽどキャストをしますーー多分.休止が出来ますも。。。もう 毎週の金曜日で長くないエピソードを試みられます(about 10 minutes).

    Ben can now focus more on his life and I can better do my thing here or not and have an open position to fill.

    So I dunno man. I may continue the podcast or I might just put it on hold until a best friend comes along who I have perfect comedic chemistry with and would ensure a successful podcast episode per episode. I’m still figuring things out

    ALSO TRIED AUTHENTIC DEEP DISH PIZZA TODAY IN CHICAGO! Fucking rocked! Share with friends and family and new episodes likely still FRIDAYS

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    S2E1 - 11m - Feb 26, 2022
  • Ep. 14 — Morgan Freemanaren’tyougladyoulistentothispodcast?

    Ben and Joseph talk about working in movies, veer quickly into how Bollywood movies defy physics but you’re like “…nah, India has so many engineers, they prolly got the math right. Them vectors n sh!t”, attempt to eat Ben’s 23rd birthday cake that says Happy Birthday 22 instead, joke about the sigma male grindset trend, get into sex with animals(…in the room I mean y’know while you’re having sex with another human not like with 🐶 🐐), and finish off with Morgan Freemillionaire but as a talking pet parrot that narrates just like him but only during sex with its owner.


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    S1E14 - 48m - Feb 19, 2022
  • EP. 13 — Why The Hell Am I In San Antonio?

    I’ll do some things in this quick bite-sized episode other than answer this title’s question. So yea. No Ben.

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    S1E13 - 9m - Feb 11, 2022
  • Ep. 12 — Climaxed In College

    In this episode, we triumphantly pop our 12 episode cherry 🍒! As you (probably don’t) know (cause who tf would), most podcasts fizzle out at or before 12 episodes but NOT US! We’re going strong because when you think about it, how hard is it to meet up once a week for an hour to talk about shit and upload videos with no cost at all?(But still plz donate with(out) a cherry on top)


    • Guy who masturbated by f***ing his class ring, getting it stuck, receiving *parental guidance* until finally seeing a doctor for it

    • We do some more r/AskReddit talks

    • Indian, African, and Hispanic Accents, ahoy! as Ben reminds us of the Chinese teacher he had in Chile that pronounced bonus as ‘boners’

    • Speaking of people in Chile: Naturally tan, largest average 🍆 size, good-looking, and speak a romance language like jeez how many natural advantages can one person(that’s not me) be jealous of

    • Small world moments and more!

    Share with friends and family; especially your mom. NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!

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    S1E12 - 54m - Feb 4, 2022
  • Ep. 11 — Ben’s Cherry For Working His Passion Pops!

    This week is a shorter episode but for a great reason! Ben just started working a film job and has another job offer lined up for February. He’s come a long way from graduating college, working a dead-end sales job, and working at a COVID test center to seeing someone intimately and working in the film(which his degree concerns/I think it’s in media production specifically) in such a short amount: Quarter-life crisis averted(lucky bitch😃) and you’ll never guess how he landed the job.

    He’s got some long hours ahead of him but he gets paid, learns a lot on the job, and has hit foot in the door in the industry working locally with a great team that he likes.

    And Joseph finishes the last 7-10 minutes off with uhh-with the aahh-yea I can’t even be bothered to remember.


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    S1E11 - 24m - Jan 28, 2022
  • Ep. 10 — Ben Tells It All: The Bipolar Episode

    Ben recounts this past week, how bloody and trashed his roommate’s upstairs room is, how beaten and bruised his roommate and close friend was, and how he ultimately had to make the tough decision to remove her from the house.

    This takes up most of the episode but towards the last 10ish minutes we do shoot the shit regarding Ben’s car group he’s joined, what happens if there wasn’t a Neutral between Drive and Reverse(spoiler: you just instantly appear in Heaven before you even know what killed you), cat allergies, pigeons are actually the best pets to have(don’t @me) and bottom line especially to the college-aged audience:

    KNOW WHO YOUR ROOMMATES ARE AND WHAT THEY’RE CAPABLE OF. Make sure you all have deep mutual understandings of expectations and shared responsibilities.

    And lastly, NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! Have a sick weekend, y’all!

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    S1E10 - 56m - Jan 21, 2022
  • Ep. 9 — Porn In Class and The 1st Time I Got High

    In this solocast episode Ben is out dealing with something pretty traumatizing while his house is an actual crime scene(no hyperbole here) so we’ll give him a break here. In the meanwhile, Joseph gets into detail about the humor to be found from a book about 9/11, rediscovering the cartoon Mission Hill, and he recounts the use of the anonymous app Yik Yak during his glory holes—sorry days in college and how he got his 15 minutes of fame by sleeping in class(yup, that's Joseph in the episode image from that very day! Picture taken by friend group 1 while sleeping in front of friend group 2).

    Lastly he goes over pranks played at our college in general and finishes off with the story of the first time he got high

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    57m - Jan 14, 2022
  • Ep. 8 — Adderall: The People’s Champ

    In this episode Ben is back and we’re recounting how our New Years’ went.

    BEN: Gives his recent Omicron COVID-19 experience, retells his more recent near death story, and gets into why Jaguars(the car) were made for clientele that do the finer drugs in life

    JOSEPH: harps on about fixing his classes at the last minute so he’ll be able to graduate this semester as planned, harps further about his new Dyson, getting a walk-in shower installed in his bachelor pad, his mother starting to care about his passion of 13 years, and after all that still never learns to play the harp

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    S1E8 - 43m - Jan 7, 2022
  • Ep. 7 -- Pregnancy Scares and Retractable Holiday Lights

    *almost* Happy New Years nerds! In this episode Joseph is yet again solo as Ben forgot they were going to record an episode yesterday and he tried to do it solo today but just wasn’t feeling right so we’ll give him a pass.

    Meanwhile Joseph goes into his Shark Tank-worthy retractable holiday light speech that I’m sure makes him fun at parties, his one pregnancy scare, and what you should do if you have an idea that will invoke consciousness among humanity and human life

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    S1E7 - 34m - Jan 1, 2022
  • Ep. 6 — Overcoming The Bain(Pain) of My Existence and The Beauty of Qwirkle

    If Christmas = más Christ and Christmagic = All the supernatural stuff Jesus did in the Bible, calculate the coefficient of how well Joseph can find his way ass backwards into making 43 minutes and 10 seconds interesting solo.

    Ben’s self-quarantining from exposure to COVID-contaminated peeps and so Joseph takes this time to give the sparknotes version on what happened to his back 6 years ago, what it means to appreciate the health and body you have, what it means to follow your passion in spite of the limitations you may be required to put on yourself in the process, and why Qwirkle goes so mf hard for a *bored* game

    Share with friends and family, consider donating to the show and[while I SUPER apologize for posting late this time, I will do my best to get] NEW EPISODES OUT EVERY FRIDAY!!

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    S1E6 - 43m - Dec 25, 2021
  • Ep. 5 — Ben Graduated!!!

    That’s right, THIS very morning my cohost Ben graduated from the college we both met at and attended together until just a few days ago.

    This week’s episode is a combination of the leftover content from last podcast related to the ‘vidja’ game SOMA to continue our discussion on the meaning of life topic, how this ties into Joseph’s desire to teach and counsel others(without paying 2 years of his life and his $$$ to get an Masters in Counseling) & how it was born out of passion for psychology, we reaffirm yet again why we wouldn’t want kids, and Ben’s graduation experience finishes us off like icing on a cake or icing of the…saltier variety.

    Share this content with friends and family if you like it and stay tuned: NEW EPISODES OUT EVERY FRIDAY(even if it means we post our episode like we turn in homework, by 11:59pm)

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    S1E5 - 1h 6m - Dec 18, 2021
  • Ep. 4 — Investing, TAG: The Movie, Weddings, and How My Dad Faked The Death of His First Wife

    In this episode we give some college boy commentary on investing, Joseph explains how his dad faked his first wife’s death to get her life insurance money and make a movie with it[TRUE STORY], Ben talks about his uncle who(with his friends) the multi-million dollar movie with Jeremy Renner TAG is based off of, we both storytell about wedding experiences, and finish off by not continuing our talk on SOMA(tune in next friday for that).

    Share the podcast with friends and family and consider donating to support the cast! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY

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    S1E4 - 41m - Dec 10, 2021
  • Ep. 3 — When You Jam To Your Morning Alarm Music And Don’t Wake Up

    This week we finally figured out how to put ourselves on other platforms, passed out when getting blood drawn, got annihilated by the common cold and a finals project, talk about Kale being the lifeblood of the universe(seriously best superfood: eat it. I command you to), and we begin our discussion on humanity/what it means to be human—an ongoing continuing theme here at PIC.

    Feel free to donate and support the show out of the goodness of your hearts whether they’re healthy, icy cold and black, or suffering from cardiovascular disease! and stay tuned; NEW EPISODES OUT EVERY FRIDAY!

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    S1E3 - 36m - Dec 3, 2021
  • Ep. 2 — Are You Getting Your 17 Hours of Sleep Per Night?

    Recorded wednesday JUST before Thanksgiving, we get into detail as to what it’s like to try and sleep yourself normal again, marketing jobs, and a personal story about what happens when you live life (and put your uncle’s finger) right on the knife’s edge. Stay tuned in! NEW EPISODES OUT EVERY FRIDAY

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    S1E2 - 20m - Nov 26, 2021
  • Ep. 1 — To Peak or Not To Peak In College: The Rundown

    2 College Seniors let you know they’ll be shooting the shit week by week with many college tips, college humor, and personal stories communicated half-assedly for your listening pleasure.

    Join us on our NSFW journey as we explore current events, psychology, philosophy, gaming, and whatever other thoughts we find floating in the cosmic ether that we feel are worth entertaining. Might have guests, too. So stay tuned! NEW EPISODES ARRIVE EVERY FRIDAY!

    Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/peaked-in-college/donations
    S1E1 - 10m - Nov 13, 2021
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