• 90. Misunderstood Secrets

    Don't react, impact. Enlightenment is not merely a passive or receptive experience. It should be assertive. The Absolute is the ultimate Alpha.

    Resolute single-minded focus is required to be your best. When you aim for your best, you are closing in on the Ultimate best, the Absolute.

    The ego is not your enemy. People have egos because subconsciously every mind wants to be like the Ultimate ego: The Absolute.

    Love and peace alone is not enlightenment, just as foreplay is not climax. Only through the Crown can you experience the Ultimate endless crescendo of consciousness by continuously "peaking" with inspiration.

    You cannot be awakened, if there is no you. You cannot find if you are seeking. You cannot be liberated if there is no one to liberate. In this way, being impersonal is not enlightenment because of the inherent contradiction. When your heart is overflowing with love, you realize that you don't want to dissociate yourself from this, your own authenticity.

    Champions don't surrender. Winners don't wave a white flag. Resoluteness is a form of Defiance, because only an individual can be the most resolute. There is nothing more resolute than the Absolute.

    18m - Jun 19, 2022
  • 89. The Crown of Glory

    Discussing the most important secret to Enlightenment and Liberation, which is the Crown of Glory, otherwise known as the Thousand-Petaled Lotus, the Sahaswara, Kether or the Crown Chakra.

    20m - May 14, 2022
  • 88. Desirelessness and Enlightenment

    Candid free flowing explanation of enlightenment and desirelessness.

    20m - May 10, 2022
  • 87. The Spirituality of Defiance

    The Spirituality of Defiance

    Potentiate your potential. Be maximal.

    Defiance is a path. Be resolute.

    The Truth is defiant.

    "Potentiate your potential" - this means that your potential is greater than you can conceive of. No one can fully know your potential, including you. Any idea that you or anyone has about you will always be less than the True you, which is your unrealized potential.

    "Be Maximal" - This means being receptive to experience a fluidly maximum perception of your deeper identity.

    Losers surrender. Champions never give up.

    I consider that only your inauthenticity can be unraveled.

    Life should be a personalized experience not an impersonal one. It's like the difference between a custom suit and JC Penney.

    Your life is tailored to you and it is not a life mass produced on the factory floor.

    All Truth defies conformity, defies change and defies oppression.

    It's the part of us that isn't Truth that can change.

    Absolute Truth doesn't surrender. If Absolute Truth exists within your microcosm, your soul, the Truth of you cannot surrender to Truth. It is impossible.

    To be able to surrender is to identify with a lesser version of You.

    The only part that can be surrendered is a misconception of who you are.

    Who is that authority that says the other will is greater ?

    Seeing yourself as a victim is not seeing yourself as a master.

    I'm a shepherd who wants the sheep to become shepherds.

    The ultimate challenge of Enlightenment to me is finding the deeper You that nothing can unsettle.

    "Defiance is a path." This means to be stubborn about being Whole and to defy anything external that tries to convince you otherwise. Let nothing drag you down. Be defiant against any external attempts at this. Refuse to be a victim or to have the victim mentality. Even the gods respect strength and any god that demands your surrender or subservience is not a god worthy of such. The Truth is that the Absolute does not want anyone's surrender and you can be stronger than any god while never surrendering.

    No retreat, no surrender.

    Full enlightenment and empowerment can occur by simply advancing defiantly in symbiosis with the Absolute.

    I created this path of Defiance just to prove that enlightenment doesn't require surrender or conformity.

    Defiance itself is spiritual, or, at least, can be, in proper context.

    21m - May 7, 2022
  • 86. No Food, No Water for 60 days with Sam (he lives)


    Sam claims to have fasted for 6 months, the last 2 months with no water.

    1h 5m - Apr 23, 2022
  • 85. There is no external Authority

    The world is about the outside in. Masters are about the inside out 

    In physical, reality is never as good as the fantasy. In spirituality, the fantasy is never as good as the Reality.

    The important thing that people don't realize is that there is no external Authority.

    There is only an internal Authority that you are either aware of or that you are not.

    Yes, there is an Absolute version of what is sacred.

    God Is so magnificent that you don't need to look outside to find It.

    People look for it all over the place but actually the one place most important to find It is within yourself.

    All evil among humans is merely a disconnection from your inner Authority.

    This is why people feel inspired to close their eyes to fully appreciate the natural beauty around them, when they find an idyllic spot in nature. It reminds them of the beauty that exists within.

    20m - Apr 16, 2022
  • 84. Sex, Desire and Enlightenment

    External desire is not to be confused with biological impulses such as hunger, wanting to be comfortable physically (not feeling too hot or too cold), wanting to sit down to rest your tired or sore feet, feelings of thirst, etc.

    External desire also is not to be confused with having personal preferences in terms of what food you want to eat or what clothing you want to wear or what kind of car or house you want to buy. These are practical considerations that do not necessarily lead you to feeling incomplete or feelings of unsettling desire.

    The experience of samadhi happens when the observer feels complete. Any feeling of incompleteness will be an obstacle to liberation. Desire is far from the only motivator, and I see that all vices that common thread of desire entwined within them. Fear is an urgent desire for safety, greed is a desire for money, envy is desire for what someone has, etc etc. This is why I say desire in this context is the chief obstacle of liberation, because when you desire in this way, you feel incomplete. Fortunately there is a solution, as, from my experience, the opposite of desire is love. Employers will often choose employees that would love to work there more than choose employees that merely desire to work there.

    Whereas love is an authentic heartfelt motivator, external desire is insincere and alien. The other motivator is to do what you feel inspired to do, the purest form of this is Divine inspiration.


    Fortunately, certain liberated and empowered individuals develop a strong field / expanded aura of brilliance that purifies and repels the energy of effortlessly just by their mere presence.

    In this fashion, humans can be liberated into a more natural state of doing what they love and feel inspired to do, not out of a feeling of incompleteness, but instead do things as a form of creative expression and wholeness.

    Where misunderstandings occur is when people claim that because greed is bad, money also must be bad, which is false. You can love money and accumulate it, free from desire. The key here is to never feel incomplete regardless of if you have money or if you don't (as an example) ..

    Also, because sex can evoke desire and a feeling of incompleteness, some have falsely concluded that celibacy is a prerequisite for enlightenment. This also is false. Sex can be a beautiful act motivated by love. You can love sex and engage in it enjoyably, free from the feeling of desire, just by coming from a place of love.

    In fact, with true mastery, there are no limits to what you can or cannot do, because nothing external can evoke feelings of desire within you, but only love and inspiration.

    20m - Apr 11, 2022
  • 83. The Absolute: The Ultimate Individual

    The Absolute: 

    The Ultimate Individual

    The Absolute is a unique singularity that is the Best in all things. I call it the Ultimate individual.

    When we discover ourselves more deeply, we recognize our connection with the Absolute, which makes us even more of an individual.

    It is the best potential for all things and yet it is so unique that it makes each individual not the same but more unique.

    For each individual, there is a different flavor of Best, that can only be experienced by that person.

    The Best is not just an idea. It is who you are, the Truest version of you.

    The Absolute has free will, and those who become liberated also have free will, just like the Absolute. Otherwise it is not liberation.

    You can be in harmony with the Absolute while also pursuing excellence (or not) in whatever discipline you choose. For example, is impossible to be a champion of any sport without being an individual.

    If you have no ambition and willing to satisfy yourself as being "nothing special" then the philosophy of "no free will" may be a good fit for you.

    If however you, feel called inwardly to excel and be a pioneer or champion in a discipline, you literally cannot do these things without acknowledging your individuality.

    It is only by removing the limited conceptions of who you think you are that you can truly become limitless.


    All roads lead back to Self. It is inevitable. Choice is an illusion.

    From my perspective, nothing physical is conscious. What we experience through our senses is just the outer manifestation of consciousness.

    The concept of all is nothing means that all physical reality is just the illusory container that life chooses to express itself as. It is one lens.

    Free will alone is not liberation unless in endless inspiration.

    The Absolute Truth is One. When your mind tapped into it, or rather it is tapped into you, a symbiosis occurs because Bliss is an ocean in which every mind can swim.

    There is no compulsion on anyone to feel love and bliss. However, you can't feel love by being disconnected from your own heart. You can't feel inspiration if you are disconnected from the One Living Truth.

    True hierarchy is not about crowning some outside force as lord, it is about crowning the best version of yourself. The fact is that the Absolute pervades all. It is a benevolent force that wants to empower and liberate. Why does it do this? Because it is the Ultimate version of you. It is so all-powerful and immutable because it exists always even before the creation of physicality itself. It is the Creator, but deeper than that, it is inescapable because it is the formless You. This vast Ultimate is not the final anything, it is Ultimate because there is nothing better than it, it is incomparable and there is nothing outside of it. It is greater than any mind or entity, no physical being can fully represent it. This is why it is One and yet it can be the truest version of each of us at the same time. The Love itself is an emanation of this Absolute Truth.

    To oppose this is to fight your very heart and be against love itself. I have no misunderstandings about this. When you finally "get it" you will realize that there are only two sides to be on. The winning side or the losing side. The only losers are those who stubbornly cling to their delusions and even they will be swept up in the tide that is happening right now.

    20m - Apr 11, 2022
  • 82. By Being Last, You Can Also be First

    First, what does it mean to be last? It means to put the Absolute Ultimate first. By doing this, you put the Best in everything and everyone first, and yourself last. Ironically, I consider this Selfish behavior.

    Everyone is naturally selfish. People may deny it since nobody wants to be seen as "selfish", but we all put who we identify with, first. You may at this point and protest, "Who do you think you are to tell me that I am selfish ? You don't know me. I make sacrifices and prioritize for my family, my spouse and my friends all the time."" I'm sure you are a good person and mean well, but by the concept of selfish I mean, you only care about what is you and yours. Your family, Your friends, Your spouse or romantic partner, your colleagues, your classmates. You get the idea.

    The irony is that putting yourself last is the most selfish thing you can do, but with a capital S. Be Selfish.

    By putting yourself last does that mean you let others walk all over you? No it doesn't, because they key behind being last is about putting the Best in everyone before you. This selfish act is done because you recognize that the Best in you is also in them. This cannot be stressed enough. By helping Best in others to emerge, you are literally helping your Self. Some may regard this activity as selfless, but actually it is Selfish. Selfishness is good. The problem is not about if you are selfish or not. We all are. It is natural to be selfish. It is only when we have a limited conceptualization of self that selfishness is a problem. When our concept of self becomes limitless, then you don't stop being selfish, it is just your realization expands into a much more expanded view that encompasses everyone. This means, not only your friends and your family and people you know, but to people you don't know. However, this is not a weakness, but a strength, because your standards are now much higher. You accept and recognize nothing but the best in others and you develop also the ability to recognize when they are not being their Best. 

    Making yourself last is only used in the context of authenticity. If others are not sincere, you do not put their insincerity before you. By being last, only the Best is before you.

    The selfishness within you is natural and should not be stopped, instead you become even more intensely Selfish. This concept may be hard in the beginning to wrap your head around, but once you do, you realize the reason why they say that a True master is the Greatest servant.

    The master doesn't help you out of a sense of charity or pity, but out of a genuine Selfishness that wants to see you be the Best within you awaken. The reason for this is because of a genuine interest is seeing the Absolute, the Ultimate, manifest into the physical while making the biggest and most lasting impact that will ripple out into future generations.

    Therefore, by being last, you in fact make your Self first.

    20m - Apr 10, 2022
  • 81. Secrets of Consciousness with Hanjo and Ananda

    The first real video podcast on this channel!

    On this podcast we cover topics of shamanism, chakras, spirituality, feminism, femininity and enlightenment.

    1h 23m - Apr 5, 2022
  • 80. Liberation Defined

    Liberation Defined

    I guess it all depends on how you define what it is to be liberated. Some on the extreme might even say that not identifying with self is liberating because then you are no longer responsible for what you do. Others might say meaninglessness is liberating because then you don't need to search for meaning anymore. I say liberation is when nothing external can affect you negatively, when you have full freedom to be who you are, wherever you are, and no matter how toxic the people in your environment are.

    It's like being on a stage where the entire audience hates you, but you can just smile at them blissfully, while sending them love. That is liberation to me.

    Personally, I don't feel drawn to worship, but it is a valid path, going all the way back to Bakti Yoga . By worshipping your ideals, you can become closer with your ideals, especially if you don't imagine a huge difference between you and the object of worship, i.e. allowing deep intimacy with your ideal, instead of reaffirming how great God is and how low and obscure you are. Instead, the belief should allow God to embrace you and lift you up and share in the Glory.

    When you get to the exalted place via Bakti, ironically it becomes less about worship because you are intoxicated all the time in the energy. You are just being in the moment and accepting the Grace and wondrousness of it all, continuously. This also is how fanaticism is born, because they become even more fervent in their belief in scripture because of their perceived results, not realizing that there is a common thread leading to that experience that is beyond scripture and book knowledge.

    20m - Apr 1, 2022
  • 79. The Ultimate Unity is Individuality

    It is a false perception of self that can be a failure, not Self itself. People who demean the concept of self just fail to understand it.

    The Ultimate individual is the Absolute, which is a singularity. Although it is One, it pervades all things. The same is true in the microcosm of being human. Through your individuality, you also can have the experience of pervading all. Being an individual is not a limitation but the Ultimate unity.

    Being human is like being thrown into a realistic VR experience and you think what you are seeing is real to such a degree that you forget your deeper identity.

    Many people intuitively feel that the limited idea of who they are is wrong. Some of those people then assume that individuality itself is wrong.

    It's is not individuality that is wrong, but your misconception of self.

    Everything is set up to be a paradise. The only missing ingredient is that people don't see the paradise that is here already.

    Instead what is amplified is war and viruses and violence

    The Absolute is you, the Ultimate version of You.

    In fact, for the Absolute to exist, it must be the truest version of you.

    How is it possible that the Absolute can be One and yet it is also the truest version of everyone? You might ask.

    That is an excellent question. The Absolute is so awesome and expansive that no mind is large enough or powerful enough to contain it all. Thus, to have some semblance of manifestation into physical reality, different aspects and portions of This are diversified through every human. The purpose of this is not to make a carbon copy of the Absolute and make everyone the same, this would be impossible. Instead, it expresses itself through the uniqueness of each individual which gives unlimited potential to aspire towards. The more awesome you become, the closer to the Absolute you become in power, capabilities, intelligence, fortitude and wisdom, among others.

    It is what puts limitlessness into the concept of potential, regardless of species.

    So how is individuality the Ultimate unity? Unlike collective consciousness or groupthink, which are fraught with limitation (collective consciousness cannot bestow enlightenment), only via the Absolute can you truly be One with the universe and the spark of the infinite that connects all of us. But instead of conformity to an ideology, it brings True liberation. The collective consciousness may be vast but only the Absolute is free from limitation entirely. 

    Why is it unity? Because it is One. It is complete consummation with the best of everything that IS.

    20m - Mar 31, 2022
  • 78. Greatness is Humility

    No mind can be a master. Mastery is experiencing the Oneness of the Ultimate all the time. It is a lifestyle. I don't want to act like I'm evading the question, but to even understand Mastery is to understand it is not about being a master over others, but in seeing the greatness in everyone. It is a humble experience. Humility is not measured by heights or lows. In fact, the ultimate humility is a very elevated experience. The difference between humility and arrogance is that a humble person can regard himself as great without seeing himself as greater than the potential in everyone. Arrogance is when you see yourself as above people or better than them. So, for example, if I say that I see greatness in myself, that does not mean that I do not see greatness in others. In fact, the greatest people are those who can.

    Freedom From Belief

    When you are in the continuous experience of being, there is no need to believe, because direct inspiration negates the need to have any belief.

    If you are in the arms of your father, do you need to believe that your father exists?

    It is only by being in the realm of all possibilities that the limitations of physical reality can loosen their grip on you.

    20m - Mar 30, 2022
  • 77. The Definition of Reality

    The Definition of Reality

    One of the biggest deceptions ever devised was to convince people that life can end.

    To define life by biological sensual parameters is to underestimate reality.

    Only material existance, the most superficial version of life, can have the illusion of death.

    Death itself was created as a release from sensual prison. So that you don't need to be stuck in a biological body forever. Biology itself is a limitation in a sense, because your unlimited consciousness is being confined into a mortal shell and conditioned to believe in your mortality.

    The whole concept that biological life is the real life because we can measure it is the exact opposite of what life actually is.

    Real life is freedom from any limitation. Whereas biology is a celebration of limitation, in a way.

    Anything measurable is limited. By measuring ourselves, we limit ourselves.

    I no longer have any beliefs. The concept of belief is an obsolete idea when you are more fully conscious.

    When omnipresent Truth is experienced, you don't need to believe anything anymore.

    The problem is not that everything exists, its that people are not thinking big enough. They have small ideas about themselves and the possibilities.

    Limitation is only a result of being in this biological world. If it is possible to bend the rules of physics, it would only be possible when your own limitations are removed in your mind.

    When we become close-minded, we are turning off this potential and making it dormant instead of activating it.

    As for me, I aspire to find the limits of the possible in what it means to be human. To find out what kind of superhuman feats and miracles that can be accomplished.


    I've been challenging everything including gods, gurus, and authority figures all my life. Being fearless and speaking truth to power has gotten me into trouble on occasion. It's given me actual scars and put me into life threatening situations. What some may write off as dreaming, for me it is reality.

    It comes down to what is the nature of reality? Is it reality only because it is experienced via one or more of the 5 senses? Even this can be doubted unless there are witnesses.

    This is a problem. Reality then becomes physical verifiable phenomena only. Dreams from dreamers like Walt Disney are not considered real until something like Disneyland or Disney World is made. But the world was already there before he built it. In the same way , the Absolute existed before the first holy book was written. It wasn't events on Earth that defined it, but rather events on Earth are a result of it. As above. So below.

    The vast expanse of physical reality is infinitesimal compared to the overwhelming magnitude of the Absolute.

    To Seek Is To Not Find

    Even in musical melodies, multiple instruments are perceived together as one. The mind can trick you into thinking you are multitasking, but like a cpu, it is only oscillating multiple inputs quickly, each processed one by one.

    When you desire love, you are not loving, for if you have love, you feel desireless. If you want peace, you are not peaceful. If you seek truth, you don't have it. It is only when we stop seeking or wanting that we can have everything.

    "To experience the infinite requires infinite patience." - Swami Sivananda. 

    Yes, you can love desire, and by doing that, instead of feeling desire, you experience desirelessness. Love liberates your heart. Truth liberates your mind.

    Love is part of your most authentic self. To not feel love is to be insincere. If you are insincere you are not your Self. If you are not yourself you cannot be independent. Independence is the freedom to be yourself.

    Non-attachment is the first step to mastering it. The only reason non-attachment is possible is because it is not You. If it was you, then you would be inseparable from it.

    19m - Mar 28, 2022
  • 76. The Greatest Obstacle to Liberation

    Nicotine withdrawal has such wonderful deep meaning. It certainly is a conflicted state of being, whereby divisions occur within yourself. It is almost like a "civil war" in a sense. The biological cells of your body crave nicotine since they are addicted and they covet this as a source of power and pleasure. They try to send all the signals they can to the brain to try to influence the master of your body (You) into facilitating nicotine into your body. Your mind has a choice to obey the withdrawal signals from your body or quit "cold turkey" , rejecting the dominance of your biological signals. By discerning which voice to listen to, you have acknowledged the existence of hierarchy.

    Just as your arms have less intelligence than your brain, so also, not all sources of knowledge are equal. Some perspectives are truer than others. The addle-minded addict is generally going to have a more limited perspective than someone who is more clear-headed. External desire in many ways is like nicotine. People get addicted to the rush of it and forget that other more superior experiences exist. Why desire something when you can love something? Why is desire seemingly more popular than love? People are addicted to desire because it is all they know and haven't tasted love yet. As more people taste love, less people will choose desire. Desire will feel its power slipping and be screaming and try to coerce others to let it dominate them.

    19m - Mar 27, 2022
  • 75. The 3 Levels of Samadhi and Sahaja Samadhi

    "The 3 Levels of Samadhi

    The Yoga Sutras describe the way to regain Higher Consciousness.

    By Roger Gabriel

    The Yoga Sutras describe the way to regain Higher Consciousness. As you follow the Eight Limbs of Yoga, you can reach the freedom and enlightenment of Samadhi, the realization of your spiritual practices.

    In his illuminating text, The Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali introduces a systematic path to regain Higher Consciousness. This has since been called Raja Yoga or the Royal Path, a journey of techniques and lifestyle guidelines to awaken the mind to its true Self. Within the text, Patanjali provides a concentrated set of instructions known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, culminating in a state of freedom, liberation, ecstasy, and enlightenment—Samadhi, the realization of all your spiritual practices.

    Meditative Absorption

    Patanjali explains that Samadhi is a state of meditative absorption, attained by the practice of Dharana (focused attention) and Dhyana (effortless meditation) when the True Essential Nature is known, without the distortion of the mind. It can be thought of as the culmination of your meditation process. Samadhi is the mind in its most concentrated state and can be compared to normal thought as a laser beam can be compared to normal light. The awareness of the meditator, process of meditation, and the object of your meditation have all merged into one. From knowledge, you have become knowingness. The mind in Samadhi possesses power that a normal mind does not, making it the main tool the Yogi uses to achieve the end goal of yoga—the joining of the individual self with the Universal Absolute.

    Be Deserving

    The Vedas say that everything in the Universe has awareness. Rocks, plants, animals, and humans all have awareness to a greater or lesser degree. The Vedas also state that only humans have the potential for self-awareness. Dogs, for example, don’t ask, “Who am I?” This means that every human being has the potential to become fully self-aware and reach the state of Samadhi. However, practice alone does not guarantee Samadhi. The Guru Gita says Moksha mulam, guroh kripa—the root of liberation is the Guru’s Grace. To reach Samadhi, you have to deserve it.

    Samadhi is beyond the normal mind and intellect, which makes describing it somewhat difficult; it can only be fully appreciated by direct experience. Samadhi has several levels of refinement through which you may ascend.

    Level 1: Savikalpa Samadhi

    This first level of Samadhi has within it four different stages. The beginning stages of Savikalpa Samadhi are where, during meditation, you transcend all mental activity. Patanjali says that, for a short period of time, you lose all human consciousness. In this state, the concepts of time and space are altogether different. For a minute, an hour, or more you are in another world. Now you see that practically everything happens spontaneously—you have nothing to do. Thoughts and ideas do not affect you. You remain undisturbed, and your inner being functions in a dynamic and confident manner.

    However, this is not yet a permanent state and everybody has to return to ordinary consciousness. As you begin to integrate this undisturbed state of silence along with the disturbed states of waking, dreaming and sleeping, Patanjali describes the four stages of Savikalpa Samadhi that are possible.

    Stage 1. Sarvitarka Samadhi:

    Here the mind totally focuses on the gross aspect of a physical object. This is described as “examination” or learning the “inner secrets” of the object. In this stage, every aspect of the object is understood and you gain full knowledge of the physical object.

    Stage 2. Savichara Samadhi:

    Now the mind moves beyond the outer layers of the object and the subtle aspects of objects (tanmatras) are contemplated or “discerned.” The abstract qualities such as rednesses, beauty, love or the sound, texture, form, flavor, etc. of the object begin to be understood.

    Stage 3. Sa-ananda Samadhi:

    Here the mind is devoid of the objective world, you move beyond the intellect. There is no reasoning or reflection, just the tranquility of the settled mind. The sattvic (pure) mind is only aware of its own joy. The focus is on the inner powers of perception and within the mind itself. It’s known as a “blissful” Samadhi filled with joyful peace.

    Stage 4. Sa-Asmita Samadhi:

    Now even the bliss has gone and you are just here. Only the satvic (pure) ego, the I-ness remains, the I AM. Simple awareness of individuality—you are here and aware of nothing else. This is the ego-sense in its elemental form. No fear, no desire. This Samadhi can be likened to what is known in the Shankara Tradition as Cosmic Consciousness. The mind becomes fully Awake, it is a state of witnessing of the material world and you become aware of the Divinity (Bliss) within yourself.

    In Savikalpa Samadhi, the samskaras (latent tendencies or past impressions which condition your life and desires) have not been dissolved. They still remain in seed form. The Great Indian Saint, Ramana Maharshi, described Savikalpa Samadhi as "holding on to reality with effort.” In this Samadhi, the concentrated mind can begin to access some of the “lesser” yogic powers (Siddhis).

    However, because the ego is still present, you must be careful how you choose to use these powers. If you use them with a pure motive, you can greatly serve humanity and will progress on your spiritual journey with humility. If you choose to use them for personal greed and ambition, you may cause harm and stall your spiritual progress.

    Level 2: Nirvikalpa Samadhi

    Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a higher state of awareness where the ego and samskaras have been dissolved and only Consciousness remains.

    Patanjali says the material world has become like a shadow from which you are completely free. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi there is no mind as you know it—there is only infinite peace and bliss. Here nature's dance stops, and the knower and the known become one. Here you enjoy a supremely divine, all-pervading, self-amorous ecstasy. You become the object of enjoyment, the enjoyer, and the enjoyment itself.

    Now the heart is fully awake. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the first thing you feel is that your heart is larger than the universe itself. The universe appears as a tiny dot inside your vast heart. Here, there is infinite bliss and infinite power. You not only feel bliss, but actually become bliss.

    This Samadhi is similar to the Divine Consciousness described in the Shankara Tradition, a state of deep love for the world and everything in it, recognizing the Divinity in everything. It is entering a celestial realm. You experience Ritambhara Pragya, where your thoughts spontaneously manifest into reality. The past and future are blended into the eternal present. Everything is now. Everything is here. Time and space have been transcended. The exulted blissful state may last for a few hours or a few days. Initially there is no wish to return from this state and it is said that if one stays at this level for 21 days, there is every possibility that the soul will leave the body for good. However, through continued practice, you are able to come down from Nirvikalpa Samadhi and immediately function normally in the world.

    Both Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa Samadhis are considered temporary states in that you can only fully experience them by withdrawing from normal life. Even the Great Enlightened Yogis close their eyes to meditate. However, the Yogi’s “normal” life is not as most people experience it. A Yogi is living a life fully supported by the Unbounded Field of Infinite Possibilities. Imagine the whole of manifest creation is touching the front of your body and the unmanifest, Pure Awareness is touching your back. You lean forward and you are in the localized world but the non-local is fully there, supporting your every breath. To quote Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, “It’s living 200 percent of life.”

    Level 3: Dharmamegha Samadhi

    An even higher level of Samadhi is Dharmamegha or the “Cloud of Virtue” Samadhi.

    Patanjali says that this level arises when you have lost even the desire to know God or to be Enlightened. This Samadhi cannot be gained by effort, it reveals itself when all effort has dissolved. It is a Divine Gift, beyond notions of Absolute and relative.

    When even the temptations of the Yogic Powers cause no distraction, it is said that Pure Knowledge showers down like a Cloud of Virtue, bringing liberation and the Bliss of the Divine.

    This is Jivanmukta—liberation while still in a physical body. The afflictions of all karmas have been removed, the Yogi becomes ever free and shines in his or her own glory. It is said that in this state, the Yogi sees without eyes, tastes without tongue, hears without ears, smells without nose, and touches without skin. His/her mere intention can work miracles. The Yogi simply wills and everything comes into being.

    Sahaja Samadhi

    Some contemporary saints such as Ramana Maharshi have also talked about Sahaja Samadhi.

    This Samadhi could probably be placed between Nirvikalpa and Dharmamega Samadhis. It is where the inner silence is maintained along with normal daily activities. It is being able to maintain the experience of Nirvakalpa Samadhi at all times. Here you radiate Divine Illumination, the Divine is perfectly manifesting through you at every second. You are filled with Divine Grace. It can, perhaps, be likened to the Unity Consciousness of the Shankara Tradition.

    With Samadhi as your goal, you should be regular with your spiritual practices, enjoy the blessings that each day brings, and know that everything will be revealed at the right moment."


    19m - Mar 27, 2022
  • 74. Being in Nirvakalpa Samadhi for 2 years

    There is only one definition that can most accurately describe this state of consciousness. Nirvakalpa Samadhi.

    19m - Mar 25, 2022
  • 73. The Drive to be Better is Holy because the Best is Divine.

    I disagree that those words are applicable today. The chain of succession was broken. In such a situation, definitely the Absolute can intervene directly. The fact is that in any succession, there is always at least one who was the first. Whoever this first was, was not in a line of succession.

    In fact, the Absolute can do anything it wants and inspire individuals on opposite ends of the globe who are independent of each other and who don't know each even exists.

    I would go even further and claim that there is an Ultimate philosophy that allows people to become liberated without a guru. I don't regard any living guru as being able to open the Crown in another, even myself. This is something only the Absolute can do. Teachers/masters can help guide and prepare students to be more receptive to this Ultimate experience, but this ultimate experience is not the relationship between teacher and student but between the Absolute and the practitioner.

    Nothing immortal can be destroyed and that Immortal spark is within each of us.

    19m - Mar 25, 2022
  • 72. The Solution to All Problems and the Truest Dichotomy

    The problem with those who think everything is about love being the solution (love is very important), is that they are only seeing a fraction of what is going on.

    Love does not bring equanimity or discernment. The concept of order itself is a deception.

    Chaos/order dichotomy is a false dichotomy invented as a deception.

    There is only one true dichotomy. It is authenticity vs inauthenticity . Being truly who you are vs being deluded into being a lesser version of yourself.

    When you remove the limits holding you back from being your true identity, you have no need for "order", because you are liberated and naturally operate in harmony with the Universe. For such a person, there is no external authority, with exception to whatever local laws exist.

    Liberation is freedom also from "order" and "chaos"

    In D&D .. they have "lawful good" / "chaotic good" / etc etc... (if liberated you are none of these) Transcending order means that no external concept of order can interfere with who you are or what you do... what you do is naturally legal, however, and does not violate local laws (perhaps with some exceptions)

    There is only one True alignment, and that is the alignment that brings you to a fuller experience of your own authenticity, your Truest Self.

    Chaos/order in mathematics is one thing.. but even in math, chaos has a kind of order, just look at the beautiful fractals.

    If there is order even in chaos then that is a proof, in a way, of its false dichotomy.

    Each individual is responsible for their own alignment. The power of your presence has a direct correlation to your proximity with your own authenticity.

    In other words, just be yourself.

    The problem becomes when something is preventing you from being yourself. For such a situation, certain empowered individuals help clear the space for that to occur. That is the purpose of the "justication for power" piece.

    19m - Mar 21, 2022
  • 71. The Ultimate Justification to be Powerful

    The next version of psychotherapy is applied philosophy. By changing how you think and your concept of reality, it is possible to cure psychosis. However, for this step to occur, a certain baseline of independence is required.

    Mass psychosis is a form of mass ideological possession, which in turn can just be a code word for an external entity/entities being in possession of vast swaths of the human population. The truth is stranger than fiction.

    Liberation can only be achieved under the auspices of Independence. If you are possessed and do not have independent control over your own faculties, you are not capable of independently choosing to be independent. In other words, one cannot choose to be free, if the pathways in their mind do not allow them to make that choice. It is a bit of a paradox. So if one were to endeavour to liberate such people, force is required. We must be careful to not misinterpret the concept of force in this scenario.

    So what Force then are we referring to? It is a non-violent use of force. It is merely for the mass exorcism of collectivist ideology. It is about pushing out an external conscious entity or entities on a mass scale. Such a feat requires power. Thus, the irrefutable conclusion is that accumulation of immense power is justified. And when the use of such power is wielded, it has the purest intent.

    It is the will of higher Nature to bestow such awesome power to liberated individuals, to allow them to forceably exorcize the ideologically possessed, and in so doing bring them to a place whereby they can consciously choose to be free. What we are talking about here is a the ultimate justification to be as powerful as you can be.

    This is the ultimate form of altruism.

    20m - Mar 20, 2022
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