Deeper Waters

From the creators of Pescados Bros, we are here to dive deep into the word of God to help us become better disciples. Fulfilling the call in Matthew 4:19 to be fishers of men, Amonie Akens & Elijah Wilson strive to present the complexities of the Bible in a form that's a bit easier to digest. Essentially, this podcast is a Gen Z Bible study designed to equip young diciples and create new disciples.


Brief Break
Show Details50s
Rules Don't Redeem
Show Details1hr 6min
God Doesn't Change Intention, We Change Our Attitude
Show Details1hr 1min
Every Eye, Every Ear, Everyone
Show Details55min 17s
Do You Want Fame Or A Good Name
Show Details1hr 6min
The Sin Within
Show Details57min 40s
Can You Be Multiplied
Show Details51min 24s
Where Sin Begins
Show Details48min 20s
Don't Rush Divine Time
Show Details42min 49s
Divine Time
Show Details39min 8s
Fishers Of People
Show Details42min 53s
Deeper Waters Trailer
Show Details1min 29s