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Start-up podcast made by Lunch enthusiasts.

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Episode 12: Burnout (and Video Games)
Show Details59min 30s
Episode 11: Quaranthings
Show Details35min 36s
Episode 10: Nostalgia
Show Details52min 4s
Episode 9: Self-Care (Explicit)
Show Details25min 29s
Episode 8: Surprise Kokology
Show Details48min 38s
Episode 7.5: The Weab Episode
Show Details57min
Episode 7: Gotta Catch 'Em Dreams
Show Details45min 45s
Episode 6: Love
Show Details55min 23s
Episode 5: Childhood Fears
Show Details44min 30s
Episode 4: Future Careers and Memes
Show Details31min 14s
Episode 3: Home Buddies
Show Details38min 38s
The Lost Episode (2.5): The Value of Humanities
Show Details18min 8s
Episode 2: Firsts and Memories
Show Details36min 4s
Episode 1: Graduation
Show Details32min 8s