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The DIY Traveler Podcast is for travelers who take a "Do It Yourself" approach to planning their travel. We'll interview guests to talk about their travel stories, share travel hacks, and talk about the tools you can use for your DIY travel. Business Inquiries:


Roadtripping Post Covid-19 - Where We Want to Travel
Show Details17min 28s
Traveling and Planning a Trip to Tokyo, Japan - 8 Times! (ft. Ashley Lim)
Show Details31min 18s
Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money in an Uncertain 2020
Show Details29min 15s
Keeping Sane at Home and Our Urge to Eat Steak after the Pandemic
Show Details38min 30s
How to Save for a Vacation Without Breaking the Bank
Show Details22min 18s
Supporting Mom & Pop Restaurants when Traveling (ft. Jordan Carter)
Show Details39min 22s
How Will Travel Change After COVID-19?
Show Details32min 42s
First Time in Seoul, South Korea and Our Love for Korean Fried Chicken
Show Details22min 8s
Weekend Trip to New York City - Soul Food in Harlem, Staten Island Ferry, and Craziness in the Subway
Show Details29min 28s
Travel Day - Heading to Seoul, South Korea with Layovers in Zurich and Shanghai
Show Details21min 48s
Planning a Trip to Tokyo and Seoul for a First-Timer
Show Details17min 55s
What Went Wrong During the Road Trip to New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore
Show Details21min 1s
Best Hotel Hacks And They're Pretty Good
Show Details13min 48s
Road Trip to New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore - Part 2
Show Details20min 12s
Road Trip to New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore
Show Details20min 21s
Tools and Apps To Use When You're On-site at Your Destination
Show Details13min 24s
Tools And Apps You Should Use When Planning Your Travel
Show Details20min 40s
What is a DIY Traveler?
Show Details17min 12s
Introducing: DIY Traveler with Will Ma
Show Details1min 30s