Comatoast Plays D&D

Comatoast plays a 5th Edition homebrew game of Dungeons and Dragons! Listen in and dive into the world of Mythosta, where our players are currently engaged in a campaign beginning in the lands of Ethelas, one of the world's major continents, controlled in its entirety for thousands of years by the Sunwell Dominion!


C1E31 - Overtake
Show Details1hr 29min
C1E30 - Fungus Among Us
Show Details1hr 31min
C1E29 - Dissimulation
Show Details56min 13s
C1E28 - Machine of Chance
Show Details1hr 24min
C1E27 - Crabby Greetings
Show Details55min 24s
C1E26 - The Windowless Tower
Show Details1hr 35min
C1E25 - The Spirit World
Show Details54min 24s
C1E24 - The Crossing
Show Details1hr 4min
C1E23 - Triumph and Oddities
Show Details43min 55s
C1E22 - The Hunt
Show Details1hr 44min
C1E21 - The Shattershield Brawl
Show Details55min 40s
C1E20 - Khírrak
Show Details1hr 29min
C1E19 - Operation Emancipation
Show Details1hr 34min
C1E18 - The Manifold Mage (AUDIO UPGRADE)
Show Details1hr 43min
C1E17 - Spysong
Show Details1hr 5min
C1E16 - The Vanderbilt Deception
Show Details1hr 5min
C1E15 - Breaking the Circle
Show Details1hr 8min
C1E14 - Zabuza
Show Details1hr 17min
C1E13 - Vulmir and the Temple of Pelor
Show Details1hr 14min
C1E12 - The Empty Eyes
Show Details1hr 56min
C1E11 - Lunamane's Request
Show Details1hr 59min
C1E10 - Next Steps
Show Details1hr 41min
C1E9 - Mask of Magpie Past
Show Details56min 25s
C1E8 - A New Variation
Show Details2hr 19min
C1E7 - Closing In pt. 2
Show Details1hr 49min
C1E7 - Closing In pt. 1
Show Details1hr 52min
C1E6 - A Devilish Confrontation
Show Details2hr 12min
C1E5 - Shopping for Temples
Show Details1hr 32min
C1E4 - Rising Tension pt. 2
Show Details2hr 10min
C1E4 - Rising Tension pt. 1
Show Details1hr 24min
C1E3 - A Death in the Family
Show Details3hr 15min
C1E2 - To the Sewers! But First...
Show Details3hr 16min
C1E1 - Passing Rain - pt. 2
Show Details2hr 15min
C1E1 - Passing Rain - pt. 1
Show Details2hr 48min
Campaign 1 - The Story So Far
Show Details4min 29s