Naturspired Podcast | Fashion Sustainability

Naturspired Podcast is a podcast aimed to educate, engage and change the fashion industry from the inside out. If you don’t know what Naturspired is, it’s an emerging online sustainability platform and branding service that focuses on human rights, fashion sustainability and environmental justice. 

We go into detail on the production processes, branding standards and what certifications to look for both as a brand and as a consumer.

Episodes come out biweekly as standalone's, interviews or article transcripts.

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Episode 4: How To Start Your Sustainable Fashion Journey [Article Audio]
Show Details25min 28s
Episode 3: [Interview] Digitizing The Fashion Supply Chain For A Sustainable Future
Show Details36min 56s
Episode 2: Brand Impact & Responsibility In The Fashion Industry
Show Details18min 54s
Episode 1: Greenwashing Signs To Avoid [Article Audio]
Show Details17min 5s