Deck Support

Startup veteran, consultant and mentor Rich Kershaw and process consultant Emilie Leckie talk about navigating the landscape of pitch decks, investors, accelerators, growing teams and all of the stuff in between.

We make Deck Support so that founders can share their experiences, to help with imposter syndrome, work-life balance and to take-on the challenge of building awesome teams. We'll walk you through the complicated questions and conversations you might not even know to have on your path to fundraising, growing a team and getting your ideas out into the world.

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Episode 3: What's Your Pitch?
Show Details19min 46s
Episode 2: Co-founders - do you need one, how do you find one and how do you find a fit?
Show Details19min 9s
Episode 1: Welcome to Deck Support
Show Details12min 32s
Show Details40s