Announcing RedCircle’s Cross-Promotions Marketplace

Image of the RedCircle deal UI

When we launched RedCircle, we envisioned a platform that would help creators of all sizes to be heard.  Since then we’ve spoken to hundreds of podcasters from around the world, and many of them are all interested in an answer to the same question:

How Do I Grow My Podcast?

It’s very common for big podcast networks run ads on their shows that tell listeners to check out other podcasts within their network.  Cross-promotions like these are an exceptional tool for growing audiences. However, to pull off one of these cross promotions, you need dynamic ad insertion technology, multiple shows within your network, and the time and energy to manually execute the campaign.  This is why only the large podcast networks can run cross-promotions. Until now.

Introducing RedCircle’s Cross-Promotion Marketplace

With RedCircle’s new cross-promotions feature, it’s never been easier to pair up with another podcast and promote each other’s shows.  In just a few minutes, you can kick off a campaign that can grow both shows’ audiences.

To get started, you can easily browse shows in our catalog to find a podcast to partner with:

view of the cross-promotion browse interface

You can send a proposal to another podcast:

view of the cross promotion proposal form.

The podcasters upload audio clips, set a start date:

the cross-promotion deal exchange interface.

And that’s it!

Once both parties agree to the deal, RedCircle does the heavy lifting.  We’ll dynamically insert the cross-promotional advertisements into your episodes for the length of the campaign.  You can sit back and watch your listener metrics climb.

Growing Podcast Audiences, Together

While we were developing / testing the marketplace, we’ve seen cross-promotional campaigns generate massive increases in our podcasts’ subscriber-bases.  One cross-promotion we observed on our platform generated thousands of new subscribers for the promoted podcast!

graph showing large increases in downloads after cross-promotion campaign

Leveling the Playing Field

RedCircle’s cross-promotion feature has leveled the playing field for independent podcasters.  You can grow your audience just like the big networks do.

We recognize the strength and power of the community. We want to help creators connect and share with one another to broaden their voice. Cross-promotion is one of the fastest ways to grow an audience, and we created a product to make that process as seamless as possible. Let’s build together.

Take RedCircle for a spin.

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