Zion Lutheran Church Lafayette, Ohio

Listen to our Sunday Sermons and full Sunday Worship services, and occasional devotions. You can watch our worship services live every Sunday morning on YouTube!


9/19/2021 Sermon Audio (Sermon by Jim Hunsaker)
Show Details10min 42s
9/19/2021 Full Worship Service led by Jim Hunsaker
Show Details44min 50s
9/12/2021 Sermon Audio
Show Details11min
9/12/2021 Full Worship Service
Show Details51min 51s
9/9/2021 Two Minute Devotion: "Use Words When Necessary"
Show Details2min 36s
9/5/2021 Sermon Audio
Show Details9min 36s
9/5/2021 Full Worship Service w/ Holy Communion
Show Details58min 15s
9/2/2021 - Two Minute Devotion on "A Simple Way to Pray"
Show Details2min 46s
8/29/2021 Sermon Audio
Show Details13min 31s
8/22/2021 Sermon Audio
Show Details12min 51s