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Join Spencer Israel and Aaron Bry to learn about hot new trade ideas, stock market news and tips, exclusive interviews and upcoming trends.


The Future of Bitcoin With Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy
Show Details27min 1s
Bitcoin Crash Continues
Show Details1hr 32min
S&P 500's Best Week In Two Years
Show Details2hr 40min
Powell Preview
Show Details2hr 28min
How High Will Gas Prices Go?
Show Details2hr 30min
Ryan Cohen Takes Stake In $BBBY
Show Details2hr 30min
Energy Stocks Continue To Rise
Show Details2hr 32min
Show Details2hr 32min
Can Ford Take On Tesla?
Show Details2hr 33min
Microsoft Vs Apple
Show Details2hr 28min
Berkshire Hathaway's Annual Shareholder Letter Is OUT
Show Details2hr 26min
How Stocks Perform In Wartime
Show Details2hr 29min
Russia Invades Ukraine... Now What?
Show Details2hr 37min
Coinbase Controversy
Show Details2hr 41min
Safer Stocks To Look For
Show Details2hr 26min
Roku vs Netflix
Show Details2hr 26min
Market Dipping?!
Show Details2hr 28min
Shopify, NVIDIA Earnings
Show Details2hr 32min
Inside Warren Buffett's Portfolio
Show Details2hr 29min
Reversal or Bounce?
Show Details2hr 25min
How To Find Hot Stocks
Show Details2hr 13min
Red-Hot Stocks To Beat Inflation
Show Details2hr 29min
$3B Bitcoin Heist
Show Details2hr 29min
Spencer's Big Trade
Show Details2hr 28min
Joe Rogan vs Spotify
Show Details2hr 30min
Amazon Saves The Day
Show Details2hr 29min
Zuckerberg's Big Problem
Show Details2hr 18min
Top Stocks To Watch Today GOOG OLB AMD PYPL MDJH
Show Details2hr 28min
January Stock Market Recap
Show Details2hr 26min
Looking Ahead To February
Show Details2hr 27min
Is Tech Back?
Show Details2hr
Market Rebounds Following FOMC
Show Details2hr 28min
Market Coverage + Exclusive Interview With Andretti Acquisition Group
Show Details2hr 28min
Stock Market Going Back Down?
Show Details2hr 30min
When To Buy The Dip
Show Details2hr 28min
Time To Trim Your Portfolio?
Show Details2hr 26min
SOFI To $20??
Show Details2hr 34min
How You Can Invest In Private Companies
Show Details2hr 28min
Will The Tesla Cybertruck Ever Come Out?
Show Details2hr 11min
Exclusive Interview Al Harrington
Show Details24min 8s
Inflation and $GME One-Year Anniversary
Show Details2hr 40min
Jerome Powell Live Reaction SPY
Show Details1hr 29min
Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Targets
Show Details2hr 29min
Will Big Tech See A Comeback?
Show Details2hr 23min
Goldman's Top Stocks for 2022
Show Details2hr 30min
What Will The Trends Be For Markets in 2022?
Show Details2hr 31min
Best Stocks for 2022
Show Details2hr 27min
Market Tanking, $RSI Exclusive Interview
Show Details2hr 23min
AMC Stock In Blast Off Mode Again
Show Details2hr 31min
Fed Ramps Up Tapering, Projects 3 Rate Hikes In 2022
Show Details2hr 34min
How To Play The FOMC Meeting - Calls or Puts?
Show Details1hr 47min
2 Must Have Stocks In 2022
Show Details2hr 29min
Playboy's Plans For The Metaverse and NFTs PLBY
Show Details18min 47s
Stocks and Options To Buy Now
Show Details2hr 27min
To Buy The Dip, Or Not To Buy The Dip
Show Details2hr 30min
Setting Up Option Trades To Make More Money with Nic Chahine
Show Details26min 34s
Short The Stock Market?
Show Details2hr 33min
Buy The Dip Works Yet Again $SPY $QQQ
Show Details1hr 37min
RIOT Blockchain Exclusive Interview
Show Details2hr 29min
Omicron Trades
Show Details2hr 57min
What's Next For Twitter? TWTR
Show Details2hr 14min
Thanksgiving Stock Predictions!
Show Details2hr 32min
The Next Sports Betting SPAC?
Show Details2hr 29min
Jerome Powell Nomination Bullish For 2022?
Show Details3hr
Is The Apple Car A Problem For Elon Musk?
Show Details2hr 27min
LGVN Stock Exclusive Interview, BABA NVDA
Show Details2hr
Benzinga Exclusive Interviews: $FUBO and $SOLO
Show Details2hr 32min
Is The "Crypto Winter" Coming?
Show Details1hr 57min
Is The Tesla Run Over?
Show Details2hr 5min
Meet A Shiba Inu Millionaire
Show Details1hr 54min
Is Elon Musk Done Selling Tesla Shares? Benzinga $500 SHIB Giveaway!
Show Details2hr 11min
Midweek Trade Ideas
Show Details1hr 55min
Will Elon Musk Sell 10% of TSLA?
Show Details1hr 59min
Buy The Dip in PTON or PENN?
Show Details1hr 56min
Is NVIDIA The Next Tesla?
Show Details1hr 52min
Interview With Phunware - The Creators of Trump's 2020 Re-election Campaign App
Show Details2hr 2min
Avis Budget Group Stock Up More Than 200% $CAR
Show Details1hr 57min
IPOs To Watch This Week
Show Details1hr 55min
Time To Buy The Dip In $AMZN And $AAPL; Benzinga Halloween Giveaway!
Show Details2hr 54min
Stocks of The Week
Show Details2hr
Tesla All-Time Highs and Can $DWAC Run to $200?
Show Details56min 25s
$BBIG Chairman Ted Farnsworth Exclusive Interview
Show Details2hr 2min
Is SoFi the Next Multi-Bagger? And Bitcoin Futures ETF Opens Up
Show Details2hr 1min
Can Squid Game Propel Netflix To Strong Earnings?
Show Details2hr 3min
Stocks Making BIG MOVES Today
Show Details1hr 3min
Trulieve, Shiba or Floki?
Show Details1hr 10min
Wednesday's Live Trades
Show Details59min 48s
The Most Important Level In The Markets Today
Show Details1hr 11min
Tuesday's Trades!
Show Details1hr
Stock Market Crash or New All-Time Highs?
Show Details48min 35s
These 2 Stocks Are Perfect For Buy&Hold
Show Details56min 41s
Sell The Rip In Stocks?
Show Details59min 15s
Why Price Inflation Is Unavoidable For The Next 3-6 Months
Show Details58min 28s
Buy The Dip?
Show Details48min 32s
How To Trade Tech Reversal $PLTR
Show Details55min 49s
Stocks To Buy The Dip On
Show Details57min 5s
Is It Time to Buy The Dip or Sell?
Show Details1hr
Walmart Fake Press Release? What's Going On With Litecoin and Walmart? $COIN $WMT
Show Details57min 54s
Why Is There No Bitcoin ETF? Want To Invest in Wine?
Show Details58min 23s
Live Option Trades $LOTZ; Movers of The Day $BBIG $EFTR $GSAT
Show Details57min 59s
What Is Happening With Crypto Today?
Show Details57min 34s
How Will The Long Weekend Affect The Stock Market?
Show Details44min 31s
The Next $SPRT $BBIG Short Squeeze?
Show Details57min 59s
Stocks Picks For The Week
Show Details59min 15s
What's Next For Pfizer Stock After FDA Approval Of COVID-19 Vaccine? $PFE
Show Details58min 22s
What's Happening In The Stock Market Today?
Show Details59min 38s
Exclusive Interviews With Genius Brands $GNUS and MoneyGram $MGI
Show Details47min 53s
$RKT, $WISH Trades; THE Trade Idea Show
Show Details56min 46s
Under The Radar Stocks; Short Trade Ideas
Show Details17min 40s
Stock Pick Of The Week!
Show Details49min 39s
Monday Movers; Trending Stocks $GNOG $FUBO $PKKFF
Show Details1hr
Guess The Stock Friday Challenge
Show Details54min 45s
How A Loan Marketplace Funds Itself, Exclusive Interview With LendingClub $LC; Best Stocks To Trade Right Now
Show Details1hr 3min
Ripster47 Trade Ideas
Show Details54min 7s
Stocks To Buy This Week
Show Details57min 17s
r/wallstreetbets Story In Hollywood; How The Community Has Evolved
Show Details32min 1s
IPO Parade: Robinhood IPO $HOOD; Traeger Grills IPO $COOK
Show Details41min 25s
Best Stocks To Buy Now
Show Details41min 1s
How To Trade a Down Market
Show Details34min 13s
What's Happening With Chinese Stocks And How To Trade Them? Exclusive Interview With $BBIG
Show Details39min 17s
Chase, Swing and Trend Trading with Options | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
Show Details46min 56s
Using Volatility to Double Your Money with Options | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
Show Details28min 27s
How to Invest Long Term in Stocks | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
Show Details39min 41s
What You Must Know About Monthly Options Expirations | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
Show Details27min 14s
Show Details46min 23s
Exclusive Interview Summit Wireless $WISA; Free Trading Bootcamp From Benzinga
Show Details14min 24s
$AMC, $MRNA, $AEHR And More Trade Ideas
Show Details47min 38s
Finding Dip Buys Using Insider Trading
Show Details33min 39s
John Sculley Former CEO of Apple & Pepsi; Buy The Dip Play Options
Show Details33min 54s
The New "Disney" For Children Under 13; Virtual North Pole Curated For You
Show Details21min 26s
Time To Buy $AAPL or $AMC? The Trade Idea Show
Show Details14min 25s
Small Cap Opportunity- Water-Soluble CBD Presents 'Room For Explosive Growth' $PBIO Exclusive Interview
Show Details31min 33s
"Black Widow" The Beginning of Streaming vs Theater Wars? Set Your Favorite Song as Your Car Horn Sound
Show Details18min 40s
Is The Bull Run Over? This Week's Hottest Stocks
Show Details1hr 14min
$1B Company That Can Measure The Value of a "Like" | Bonus Pod
Show Details15min 18s
Best Stocks To Buy Now; Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details53min 57s
Bonus Pod: Power Struggle Between The Chinese Government and $DIDI?
Show Details51min 53s
Is $DIDI Still a Buy? Apes Together Documentary
Show Details43min 12s
Ross Gerber $GK ETF; Happy 4th of July From Benzinga!
Show Details16min 19s
Ripster on Power Hour
Show Details43min 28s
$SAFE CEO Exclusive Interview
Show Details58min
Follow The Money, How To Profit From Dark Pool Activities; $CLSK Exclusive Interview
Show Details1hr 3min
$WISH, $WKHS Price Targets ; Covid Delta Variant Effect on Hotels and Travels; Stock Picks for the New Week
Show Details48min 40s
Jacked Up Trades
Show Details58min 52s
Exclusive Live Doximitiy IPO ($DOCS)
Show Details15min 45s
PLAYBOY CEO Exclusive Interview - Will Playboy Get Into Online Dating?
Show Details37min 45s
$ALF Stock Doubles After Benzinga Pro Breaking News
Show Details41min 28s
Benzinga is Hiring!; $WISH Short Squeeze ; Trade Ideas For The Week
Show Details35min 36s
COVID19 Vaccine Pill; $NVDA, $AMC Trades; Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details28min 46s
It's Time To Be Bullish ft. Blaze; Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details23min 44s
$ALF CEO Joins Power Hour; Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details46min 23s
$DKNG Blackmarket Activity; $RIDE Swing; $AMC Short Squeeze; Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details54min 16s
No Brainer Stocks of The Week ; $AMC, $WISH Live Trades
Show Details49min 48s
Benzinga Vegas And Summer Stock Plays
Show Details18min 11s
Hottest Stocks of June
Show Details51min 54s
Exclusive Interview with Tilray CEO Irwin Simon
Show Details30min 5s
Reddit's New Sweetheart Stock $WEN; $CLOV Short Squeeze ; Is AMC Still Hot?
Show Details49min 56s
The Ape Story - AMC To The Moon
Show Details1hr 2min
All You Need To Know About The Cannabis ETF $CNBS | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Special
Show Details12min 34s
Tips For Trading Cannabis and Psychedelic Stocks | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Special
Show Details36min 13s
Introducing Benzinga Cannabis Alliance | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Special
Show Details19min 10s
Trading Strategies For Your Cannabis Portfolio | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Special
Show Details36min 30s
How To Day Trade Cannabis Stocks | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Special
Show Details30min 21s
The Thin Line Between Collecting Demographic Data and Privacy Invasion
Show Details14min 34s
AMC Trade Halts Twice Under 10 Minutes, $AMC To The Moon And Back!
Show Details40min 11s
AMC The Next GameStop?; The New Drink In Hollywood
Show Details41min 14s
How To Trade the AMC Freefall ; Find The Leader Trade The Follower
Show Details54min 2s
Cleveland Cavaliers Team Up With Esports Entertainment - Exclusive Interview
Show Details1hr 3min
4 Types of Options Trades You Should Master , Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details1hr 17min
ReOpening Stocks To Buy, Win A FREE TESLA Share From Benzinga!
Show Details58min 30s
Options Trading 101- Difference Between Trading Options vs Stocks
Show Details53min 43s
What's Next For Doge? FREE Benzinga Boot Camp - Learn To Trade In 1 Day
Show Details56min 36s
Which Platform Is Best For Crypto Trading?
Show Details1hr 22min
How Does The US Navy Destroy Garbage On its Aircraft Carriers?
Show Details58min 59s
Why You Haven't Missed The Boat on Crypto
Show Details54min 46s
New Coins to Invest From #1 Dogecoin Youtuber, Win a TESLA Stock From Benzinga!
Show Details1hr 1min
Kevin O'Leary 20 & 5 Rule For Investing, Why He Changed His Mind On Bitcoin
Show Details42min 2s
Healthcare Trends and How to Trade Them | Global Small Cap Conference
Show Details36min 56s
How to Maximize Returns Through Active Trading | Global Small Cap Conference
Show Details42min 32s
Stocks To Keep or Kill In Your Portfolio, Chance To Win Tesla Stock
Show Details1hr
Online Car Parts Stock- An Overlooked Potential Buy?
Show Details11min 54s
Mark Zuckerberg's Crypto Goat, How You Should Invest In Case $ Crashes
Show Details35min 49s
Tom Brady Warming Up To Bitcoin? Fiverr vs. Upwork for Meme Potential
Show Details58min 53s
Benzinga is Hiring! Make Money With Benzinga Bounties, Friday Breakout Stocks
Show Details57min 2s
Invest in "The Thing Behind The Thing" - New Ways To Make Money
Show Details1hr 25min
5/5/21 | Hot Penny Stocks, Stocks Speed Run
Show Details55min 44s
5/4/21 | The OTC Markets Special
Show Details2hr 3min
5/3/21 | Doge Days | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 2min
4/30/21 | Undiscovered Gem Stocks
Show Details54min 39s
4/29/21 | "Fuego" Trade Ideas
Show Details2hr 3min
4/28/21 | A New Way To Listen To The Radio
Show Details57min 3s
4/27/21 | Insider Trades + Benzinga is Hiring!
Show Details1hr 20min
4/26/21 | Power Hour Exclusive Interviews
Show Details2hr
4/23/21 | More DOGE Days?
Show Details1hr 45min
4/21/21 | Top Stocks To Buy Today
Show Details1hr 54min
4/20/21 | Doge Day Special-Webull CEO
Show Details2hr 15min
4/19/21 | Best Stocks on Sale
Show Details1hr 54min
4/16/21 | Still Time to Buy $DOGE?
Show Details1hr 52min
4/15/21 | Best Long-Term Growth Stocks | Power Hour
Show Details2hr
4/14/21 | Live Trading $COIN IPO | Power Hour | Benzinga Stock Market Live
Show Details1hr 4min
4/12/21 | New Recovery Stocks to Play | Power Hour | Powered by Status Money
Show Details1hr 56min
4/8/21 | Power Hour
Show Details2hr 23min
4/7/21 | Best Stocks for April |Power Hour
Show Details2hr 9min
4/6/21 | Hottest Recovery Stocks | Power Hour
Show Details2hr
4/5/21 | $MARA CEO Exclusive Interview | Power Hour
Show Details2hr 5min
4/1/21 | All-Time Highs? | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 55min
3/31/21 | HOT Trade Ideas | Power Hour
Show Details55min 39s
3/30/21 | Tuesday's Hot Trades | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 52min
3/29/21 | Monday's Movers! | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 59min
3/26/21 | The 100th Episode!
Show Details2hr 1min
3/23/21 | GameStop Earnings Preview, $YVR CEO Interview | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 43min
3/22/21 | Best Stocks For Covid Recovery | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 59min
3/19/21 | ZINGERNATION | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 59min
3/16/21 | Trader Tuesday! | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 53min
3/15/21 | Hot Stocks and Fresh Trade Ideas | Power Hour
Show Details2hr 1min
3/12/21 | Friday Power Hour
Show Details1hr 58min
3/11/21 | Thursday's Trades!! | Power Hour
Show Details2hr 24min
3/10/21 | GameStop Won't Stop $GME | Power Hour
Show Details2hr 3min
3/9/21 | Trader Tuesday | Power Hour
Show Details1hr 59min
3/8/21 | MOMO Monday | Power Hour
Show Details3hr 4min
2/22/21 | Money Monday with Meet Kevin, Tom Nash and more!
Show Details2hr 2min
2/19/21 | Ripster, PharmDCA and more!
Show Details1hr 58min
2/18/21 | Robinhood Congressional Hearing | Zeke Thomas
Show Details1hr 57min
2/17/21 | LIZARD KING | Bitcoin All-Time Highs
Show Details1hr 57min
2/16/21 | Power Hour with Breathe Carolina, LikeFolio, and more! $SNDL $AAPL $PLTR
Show Details1hr 59min
2/12/21 | Friday Power Hour with PGIR, Tim Melvin, & Kenny Glick
Show Details2hr 38min
1/11/21 | Market Movers! $NIO $BTC $TSLA $TWTR $AAPL $NVDA Ft. Tom Nash
Show Details1hr 32min
1/8/21 | Jason moving to FL?!? $NIO $BTC $TSLA $ENG $LMND $PYPL
Show Details1hr 26min
1/7/21 | Trade Ideas w/ Dip Deity & Hugh Henne! $NIO $BTC $TSLA $PLUG $LUV $PYPL
Show Details1hr 26min
11/2/20 | How to Trade Around the Election
Show Details52min 40s
10/30/20 | Trade the Election: WKHS Workhorse
Show Details36min 24s
10/29/20 | How to Trade Stocks (With Volatility)
Show Details45min 27s
10/28/20 | Market Update: Election Competition
Show Details1hr 10min
10/27/20 | Market Update: Tesla, Apple, Crocs
Show Details57min 54s
10/26/20 | Stock Market Headline Check: Why SAP Crumbled & Why Dunkin Bounced?
Show Details58min 27s
10/23/20 | Benzinga Headline Check : Top Trade Ideas & Why Is The Stock Moving?
Show Details1hr 9min
10/22/20 | Benzinga Headline Check
Show Details1hr 11min
10/21/20 | Top Trade Ideas & Why Is The Stock Moving?
Show Details1hr 1min