Zen Sammich

Zen Sammich is a podcast for the independent thinker and anyone who embraces life despite its absurdity. Professor, lawyer, and Japanese paper maker, Mark Reid, inspires mindfulness, humor, and a realistic 21st century "zen lifestyle." Join him as he observes the socially constructed mess of reality, shares travel stories, and explores what it means to be alive in the modern world.


Zen Sammich #15 | Interview w/ Elizabeth Miles
Show Details22min 7s
Zen Sammich #14 | Interview w/ Homer Duke
Show Details18min 27s
Zen Sammich #13 | Interview w/ Marty Ray Project (part 2)
Show Details20min 36s
Zen Sammich #13 | Interview w/ Marty Ray Project (part 1)
Show Details25min 51s
Zen Sammich #12 | Importance of Political Independence and The Paradox of Tolerance
Show Details10min 41s
Zen Sammich #11 | Interview w/ Enson Inoue
Show Details18min 57s
Zen Sammich #10 | Here Now, Gone Now: The Lesson Of Ichi-go Ichi-e
Show Details11min 19s
Zen Sammich #9 | Interview w/ Casey Ruff
Show Details22min 36s
Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Show Details13min 33s
What To Do About Emotions?
Show Details10min 54s
Life as an Expat and the Virtue of Acceptance
Show Details12min 10s
The Danish Word "Hygge": A Secret to Happiness
Show Details9min 54s
To Meditate Or Not To Meditate? That Is The Question
Show Details8min 49s
Assessing the Probability of Truth
Show Details9min 3s
From Baptist to Buddhist
Show Details7min 29s
The Meaning and Purpose of Life
Show Details7min 10s
What Goes On A Zen Sammich?
Show Details5min 50s