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Zen Odyssey | Food and Mood Coaching

Holistically Healing Symptoms ❤️‍🩹 Using Diet, Stress, and Lifestyle Transformation

I help humans fall in love with foods that make them feel good and internally manage stress.

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Food and Mood Coaching using my "Food and Mood Process," helping:

-food eating humans fall in love with foods that increase presence, creativity, productivity, and quality of life. 

-doers stress less by prioritizing what matters and internally managing the rest. 

-people live in alignment with their health.






excess farts



low energy levels

poor sleep 

dis-regulated moods

un-regular poop


symptom healing

Increase of energy and time

ideal weight

disease prevention


stable moods

epic poops

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Special Series: The Health Lies that Drain Our Energy | Lie #2 Convenient Food Saves Us Time
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Special Series: The Health Lies that Drain Our Energy | Lie #1 Stress Leads to Success
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Why it is important to question this thought: What is Wrong with You?
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Is Bread Healthy For Ducks?
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Regulating Stress and Sitting on the Edge of the Unknown
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Doggie Gut Health Story
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Are Eggs and Dairy Gut Healthy
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Managing Stress and Choosing Clean Food For Human Potential
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Exponential Change with Coaching + Medicine Journeys
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State of Anxiety Basics
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My Food and Mood Coaching Program | People Say it is Magical
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Change Doesn't Have to Be Hard
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Lymph Self Massage for Health, Detox, and Weight Loss
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Come Make a Salad With Me
Show Details15min 38s
Tesla Delivery! Dealing With Positive Emotions
Show Details20min 55s
Is Your "WHY" (for food changes) Big Enough?
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The Symptom of Being Overweight
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How to Internally Manage Stress?
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Are You Coachable? How to Move Through Resistance?
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Food is Everything. Who am I? | My Story
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Food Coach Fridge 2022
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Trashing the Beaches is Like Eating Junk Food - Ep.118
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Why Good Enough Parenting is Great Parenting - Ep.117
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Tahini Bread | Simple and delicious - Ep.116
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Mom-Guilt and "I don't have time" | My Story - Ep.115
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Walking as Medicine - Ep.114
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I Can't vs I Don't Want - Ep.113
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Over-powering kids and Using willpower - Ep.112
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War Time Stress Help - Ep.111
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The Importance of Emotions for Health and Wellbeing with Dr. Tamari - Ep.110
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I've Got The Present of Presence - Ep.109
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Morning Ritual Bulletproof Coffee - Ep.108
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The Benefits and Costs of Drinking Coffee with Dr. Yotam Tamari - Ep.107
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Good Fall and Good Fail Parenting Mindset - Ep.106
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Celiac Disease | Food is Your Medicine - Ep.105
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Signs of Over-Using Caffeine with Doctor Sharman - Ep.104
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Coffee Enema Migraines and Superpowers - Ep.103
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Fermented Food and Coffee Enema - Ep.102
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All About Detox Support and a bit about Coffee Enemas - Ep.101
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Coffee Enema for Mental "Clearaty" (Clarity) - Ep.100
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Microbiome Detox Support Using Coffee Enema - Ep.99
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All About Detox Support and a bit about Coffee Enemas w/ Dr. Sharman - Ep.98
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Reactive Parenting vs Responsive Parenting - Ep.97
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Flexitarian? - Ep.96
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Stress and Mood w/ Doctor Tammari - Ep.95
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I don't have time vs I own my time - Ep.94
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Intermittent Fasting and Food Freedom - Ep.93
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Mood and Stress with Doctor Sharman - Ep.92
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Emotional Adulthood and Role Modeling Saying Sorry - Ep.91
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Chinese Medicine and Immune Health with Doctor Yotam Tamari - Ep.90
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Immune Health with Doctor Sharman - Ep.89
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Winter Cold Remedies Gut Friendly | Microbiome Friendly - Ep.88
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Zen Odyssey Food Tribe - Ep.87
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Why Not to Hire a Coach? - Ep.86
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Are We Ever Really Ready for a Change? - Ep.85
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My Delivery Box of Organic Veggies - Ep.4
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Who Wants Inner Peace? | New Year, New You - Ep.84
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My Party Salad | You Will Love it Even if You Hate Salads - Ep.3
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How to Avoid Food-Induced Kid Holiday Meltdowns? - Ep.83
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Flour Free Holiday Treats | Gluten Free Too - Ep.2
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Invest in Yourself | The Best Gift for You and Others - Ep.82
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How to Choose Comfort Foods That Serve Your Health? - Ep.1
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The Most Expensive/Valuable Gift is Presence | Screen Time Regulation / Undivided Attention - Ep.81
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All about bone broth in your gut - Ep.80
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Does Holiday Food "Connecting" Us? - Ep.79
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Our Food Back-History - Ep.78
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A Gut-Friendly Salad that Tastes Good - Ep.77
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Break-Fast with Brain-Foods - Ep.76
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Patient Parent Mindset - Ep.75
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Self Care vs Escape - Ep.74
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How to Grow Up into Emotional Adulthood - Ep.73
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The WORST Things About a Shitty Gut - Ep.72
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My 3 Foundational Gut Health Books - Ep.71
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When I Talk to The Universe - Ep.70
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Elite Super Human Gut Health - Ep.69
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Is Gut Health a Luxury? - Ep.68
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Gut Health’s Connection to Immune Health - Ep.67
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Fear's Effects on Gut Health - Ep.66
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Having a Healthy Gut Creates Time - Ep.65
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The Gut Friendly UTI Option - Ep.64
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Are Nuts Gut Healthy? - Ep.63
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Apple Cider Vinegar and Gut Health - Ep.62
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Overeating Negatively Effects Gut Health - Ep.61
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Fasting can be Easy and Fun - Ep.60
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Personal Insights of the Food Challenge - Ep.59
Show Details14min 33s
Just Stop Quitting - How to - Ep.58
Show Details8min 2s
The Problem of Over-Desire - Ep.57
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Do You Need a Coach? - Ep.56
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Microbiome for Babies and Kids - Ep.55
Show Details14min 24s
Gut Health for Parents - Ep.54
Show Details14min 57s
Man-Made Calories and Processed Foods - Ep.53
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The Gut Re-Set Challenge - Ep.52
Show Details9min 40s
The 14 day Challenge that Changed My Health - Ep.51
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The Importance of Ferments - Ep.50
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Coffee Enemas and Liver Support - Ep.49
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Mineral Absorption at Hot-springs - Ep.48
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Cleansing Through Sweating - Ep.47
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Workout to Improve Gut Health - Ep.46
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Fake News and How our Brain gets Hooked - Ep.45
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Being Outdoors is like taking Medicine - Ep.44
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Spring Time, Cleanse Time - Ep.43
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Seasonal Gut Friendly Foods - Ep.42
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Birthday Gift: My Relationship with Me - Ep.41
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Love is Always an Option - Ep.40
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The Blame Game has no Winners - Ep.39
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Love Comes from a Thought - Ep.38
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Expectations Damage Relationships - Ep.37
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Why Bother to Drink Water? - Ep.36
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What is Normal Poop? - Ep.35
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Skin Health 101 - Ep.34
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Teeth Microbiome and Gut Connection - Ep.33
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Tongue Scraper : Detox - Ep.32
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New Year, New You - Ep.31
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Spirit of Giving from Health - Ep.30
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The Social Food Dilemma - Ep.29
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Stop Stressing with Mental Management - Ep.28
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Gut Health is Reversible - Ep.27
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Myth Buster #6: Happiness Happens by Itself - Ep.26
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Myth Buster #5: 'it does not matter' - Ep.25
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Myth Buster #4: Healthy Food is not Tasty - Ep.24
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Myth Buster #3: Anxiety is Inevitable - Ep.23
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Myth Buster #2 : Planning Steals Freedom - Ep.22
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Myth Buster #1 : Eating Healthy is Hard - Ep.21
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Common Unconscious Belief Systems - Ep.20
Show Details7min 54s
Flight Stress and Anxiety - Ep.19
Show Details6min 36s
Hair Culture and Tolerating - Ep.18
Show Details7min 53s
Your Attention, Please - Ep.17
Show Details13min 11s
Rich Water - Ep.16
Show Details8min 27s
Turn Off, Brain - Ep.15
Show Details9min 55s
Unknown and Uncertain - Ep.14
Show Details8min 34s
Overcoming Regret - Ep.13
Show Details8min 8s
Re-Establishing Our Microbiome - Ep.12
Show Details8min 43s
How to Make Working Out Easier - Ep.11
Show Details12min 20s
My Love Aha that is Re-Growing My Love - Ep.10
Show Details11min 21s
Questioning Urgency - Ep.9
Show Details8min 57s
Inflammatory Foods and Emotions - Ep.8
Show Details23min 42s
Man-Made Food Problem and Remedy - Ep.7
Show Details14min 8s
Discomfort is the Answer - Ep.6
Show Details9min 17s
Emotions: To Feel or Not to Feel? - Ep.5
Show Details13min 18s
Let's talk Food and IF - Ep.4
Show Details5min 25s
Brain Fog - Ep.3
Show Details10min 1s
Deconstructing Normal: Black Lives Matter - Ep.2
Show Details6min 4s
What if Hard is Normal - Ep. 1
Show Details8min 21s
Intro - Ep.0
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