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Digestive troubles anyone? "Doctors are right when they say that digestive troubles are related to diet, stress, and lifestyle. But they are not allowed to tell you HOW TO address these relations; I can and I do."

Chandra Zas is on a mission to help people understand and solve their digestive issues. She coaches people who are ready to make lifestyle changes, particularly with food and stress. She refused to be defined by her diagnosed digestive disorder and so can you. Live More Stress Less. She lives her version of a meaningful life while traveling the world with her Man and Toddler. Food and Mood Expert.

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Seasonal Gut Friendly Foods - Ep.42
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Birthday Gift: My Relationship with Me - Ep.41
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Love is Always an Option - Ep.40
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The Blame Game has no Winners - Ep.39
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Love Comes from a Thought - Ep.38
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Expectations Damage Relationships - Ep.37
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Why Bother to Drink Water? - Ep.36
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What is Normal Poop? - Ep.35
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Teeth Microbiome and Gut Connection - Ep.33
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Tongue Scraper : Detox - Ep.32
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New Year, New You - Ep.31
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Spirit of Giving from Health - Ep.30
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The Social Food Dilemma - Ep.29
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Stop Stressing with Mental Management - Ep.28
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What if Hard is Normal - Ep. 1
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Intro - Ep.0
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