Zen Odyssey

Digestive troubles anyone? "Doctors are right when they say that digestive troubles are related to diet, stress, and lifestyle. But they are not allowed to tell you HOW TO address these relations; I can and I do." Chandra Zas is a food and mood coach who addresses gut-health through a mental management approach. She covers all the topics gut-related like poop, enemas, food, habits, emotions, stress, brain function, brain food, microbiome, organic, exercise, and more.


Myth Buster #6: Happiness Happens by Itself - Ep.26
Show Details9min 1s
Myth Buster #5: 'it does not matter' - Ep.25
Show Details8min 11s
Myth Buster #4: Healthy Food is not Tasty - Ep.24
Show Details14min 25s
Myth Buster #3: Anxiety is Inevitable - Ep.23
Show Details16min 29s
Myth Buster #2 : Planning Steals Freedom - Ep.22
Show Details7min 41s
Myth Buster #1 : Eating Healthy is Hard - Ep.21
Show Details5min 58s
Common Unconscious Belief Systems - Ep.20
Show Details7min 54s
Flight Stress and Anxiety - Ep.19
Show Details6min 36s
Hair Culture and Tolerating - Ep.18
Show Details7min 53s
Your Attention, Please - Ep.17
Show Details13min 11s
Rich Water - Ep.16
Show Details8min 27s
Turn Off, Brain - Ep.15
Show Details9min 55s
Unknown and Uncertain - Ep.14
Show Details8min 34s
Overcoming Regret - Ep.13
Show Details8min 8s
Re-Establishing Our Microbiome - Ep.12
Show Details8min 43s
How to Make Working Out Easier - Ep.11
Show Details12min 20s
My Love Aha that is Re-Growing My Love - Ep.10
Show Details11min 21s
Questioning Urgency - Ep.9
Show Details8min 57s
Inflammatory Foods and Emotions - Ep.8
Show Details23min 42s
Man-Made Food Problem and Remedy - Ep.7
Show Details14min 8s
Discomfort is the Answer -Ep.6
Show Details9min 17s
Emotions: To Feel or Not to Feel? - Ep.5
Show Details13min 18s
Let's talk Food and IF - Ep.4
Show Details5min 25s
Brain Fog - Ep.3
Show Details10min 1s
Deconstructing Normal: Black Lives Matter - Ep.2
Show Details6min 4s
What if Hard is Normal? Ep.1
Show Details8min 21s
Intro - Ep.0
Show Details2min 36s