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Zap to the Future

Welcome to the adventurous world of Zap to the Future! Join Zap, a 10 year old Boy Scout and expert rock climber, as he journeys across time to help future civilizations overcome some amazingly silly challenges. Zap applies lessons learned from school, family and scouts, to help a variety of fun future characters. A robot president in 2076? A digital Octillionaire, owning half the Milky Way? Gombie Invasions? Find out how history has a crazy way of repeating itself by joining Zap to the Future!


The Grand Reset of the Time Tablet's Artificial Intelligence
Show Details10min 27s
Rebooting the Future
Show Details14min 25s
Podcasting with Kids - Alvarez Family Q&A
Show Details8min 19s
Trap Code that Poop Emoji Virus
Show Details15min 16s
The Digital Duo Team Up
Show Details11min 4s
The Amazing E-Male
Show Details10min 18s
Moon Battles! Part 2
Show Details13min 40s
May the 4th Special Episode: Moon Battles!
Show Details15min 58s
Time Tablet Training Time
Show Details11min 16s
2076 - America's Tricentennial
Show Details13min 52s
What is a Time Tablet?
Show Details11min 28s
Finding the Time Tablet
Show Details10min 29s
Introducing Zap to the Future!
Show Details1min 57s