Zack & Mel Talk Music

Zack & Mel is an Aqute Media podcast production in partnership with Zack and Mel. The Duo are music enthusiasts and they often will have lengthy discussions on the music they listen to, usual conversations like how inspired was the J Cole's album, the beef between Nas & Jay Z's impact to their careers including the production that goes into the music. This love for music led to the birth of the podcast Zack & Mel Talk Music that seeks to offer a different perspective to music.


Zack & Mel Talk Music Ep5: What does the Kenyan Music Scene have to Offer?
Show Details48min 52s
Zack & Mel Talk Music Ep4: Nas' King's Disease, Old School or New School Hip-Hop? Joe Budden Leaving Spotify
Show Details1hr 25min
Zack & Mel Talk Music Ep3: Jay Z & Nas
Show Details1hr 10min
Zack & Mel Talk Music Ep2: Quashing the Biggie & Tupac Debate
Show Details1hr
Zack & Mel Talk Music Ep1: Who Introduced you to music?
Show Details1hr 1min