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Yowie Podcast

Justintertainment presents a story of desperation and suspense. A 5-chapter auditory thrill-ride of intrigue and mystery that unravels fact from fiction in the exploration of truth amid a world of monsters and men. A desperate man's fight to prove his innocence in the wake of his family's mysterious disappearance in the Grampians National Park. A punishing search for truth and identity amid an unending tangle of twists, turns and lies. 'Yowie' is an emotionally escalating podcast mini-series with an authentic Australian voice. A nod to the radio serials of the past, infused with the sounds and technology of today. TV for the ears; a fictional, storytelling series to inspire a new standard in the creative landscape of Australian podcasting.


McHappy Face
Show Details15min 58s
Empty Nest
Show Details16min 59s
Missing in Action
Show Details13min 38s
Show Details15min 8s
Secrets and Lies
Show Details14min 45s
Yowie Trailer
Show Details3min 50s
Yowie Teaser
Show Details1min 32s