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Your Lighting Lady

Your Lighting Lady provides fun, inspiring ideas and practical advice to help you improve and enhance the lighting in your home, because everyone deserves great lighting what ever your budget! Learn new technologies that exist in lighting today, tricks and tips you can use in your own space, and a look into the latest home lighting trends. Hosted by Josie Wratten, who uses her two decades of lighting design experience to provide simple ways you can have lighting you love!


Lighting Ideas for Small Spaces with Brittany Lynch
Show Details35min 34s
How Lighting Can Sell Your Home with Rebecca Holley
Show Details32min 39s
How Lighting Affects The Growing Brain with Dr Shelley James
Show Details40min 33s
Lighting to Help Your Circadian Rhythm with Robert Soler
Show Details30min 49s
Designing Homes for Low Vision with Nancy Clanton
Show Details32min 30s
Where to Splurge and Where to Save in Lighting Your Home
Show Details12min 27s
How to Choose a Light Bulb that Meets Your Needs
Show Details11min 52s
What to Consider Before Buying Landscape Lighting
Show Details11min 29s
How Lighting Can Help Productivity In Your Home Office
Show Details8min 42s
How to Look Better in a Bathroom Mirror with the Right Lighting
Show Details5min 59s
5 Common Lighting Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home
Show Details14min 36s
Introduction - Who is this podcast for?
Show Details6min 24s
Your Lighting Lady Trailer
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