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Soul Shepherd Podcast

Spiritual journeys are never easy, and in this day and age they are harder than ever. From fighting off digital noise, to staying in alignment with your highest good, to discerning what resonates with your highest truth and what doesn't. On the Soul Shepherd Podcast, host Alan Mehanna shares his views, perspectives, and lessons learned, and host special guests to discuss topics that matter to him and hopefully raise the collective's consciousness, compassion, and understanding.

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Back to the Beginning: A Conversation with Allison Hollister, Massage Therapist and Spiritual Mentor
Show Details1hr 19min
Mere Reflections of Gratitude: A Conversation with Connor Bray, CE5 Transformational Coach
Show Details59min
Step into a Fairytale: A Conversation with Eirlys Nordictales, Healing Soundscapes Creator
Show Details1hr 2min
The Truth is in the Water: A Conversation with Kira Rodriguez, Water Goddess and Business Owner
Show Details1hr 4min
Unique Little Unicorns: A Conversation with Laura Ferguson, LGBTQ+ Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
Show Details51min 5s
Starts with the Root: A Conversation with Frankie Giustino, Holistic Health Practitioner
Show Details36min 10s
ReConnecting to Heal: A Conversation with Elias Zayek, Actor
Show Details50min 33s
Art from the Soul: A Conversation with Jennifer Hawkyard, Illustrator
Show Details51min 43s
Water Between The Grains of Sand: A Conversation with the Founders of the Sandwater Children
Show Details32min 38s
Your Story Within: A Conversation with founder Alan Mehanna, Moderated by Youmna Naufal
Show Details38min 9s