Your Radio Doctor With Dr. Marianne T. Ritchie

Your Radio Doctor is the Philadelphia region’s only medical talk show. This hour-long show is hosted by Dr. Marianne T. Ritchie, a Gastroenterologist practicing at Jefferson University Hospital.

Your Radio Doctor brings a fresh approach to the talk radio market! Dr. Ritchie’s highly approachable bedside manner makes for a warm and friendly, “radio side” manner. She takes complicated, challenging medical topics and helps listeners digest them in small, understandable pieces.

Each week, Dr. Ritchie will interview guests including physicians from all specialties, researchers, and other leaders in the medical community. She will take on topics like heart disease, colon cancer, neonatal care, and many others.


Episode 95: Lung Cancer
Show Details41min 41s
Episode 94: COPD & The Dangers of Smoking/Vaping
Show Details42min 24s
Episode 93: Pancreas & Kidney Transplants
Show Details42min 38s
Episode 92: Diabetes & Other Diseases
Show Details41min 31s
Episode 91: Diabetes & Feet
Show Details40min 36s
Episode 90: Diabetes
Show Details41min 31s
Episode 89: What Diet is Best for Me?
Show Details40min 39s
Episode 88: Fatty Liver
Show Details41min 31s
Episode 87: Obesity
Show Details41min
Episode 86: Emergency Medical Service
Show Details40min 22s
Episode 85: Sports Medicine & The Pre-Season Physical
Show Details42min 33s
Episode 84: Pediatric Ear, Nose, & Throat Conditions
Show Details41min 49s
Episode 83: Fire Prevention & Personal Safety (Part 2)
Show Details41min 13s
Episode 82: Fire Prevention & Personal Safety
Show Details41min 1s
Episode 81: Skin Cancer
Show Details42min 26s
Episode 80: Emergency Medicine
Show Details41min 16s
Episode 79: Breast Feeding
Show Details42min 47s
Episode 78: Pet Therapy
Show Details42min 9s
Episode 77: The Opioid Epidemic (Part 2)
Show Details42min 7s
Episode 76: The Opioid Epidemic
Show Details41min 26s
Episode 75: Critical Shortage In Nation’s Blood Supply
Show Details41min 55s
Episode 74: Tips for a Safe July 4th!
Show Details40min 32s
Episode 73: Men’s Health: Prostate Cancer & More
Show Details41min 5s
Episode 72: Asthma in Children
Show Details39min 27s
Episode 71: Food Allergies
Show Details40min 15s
Episode 70: When To Take Your Child To The ER
Show Details40min 22s
Episode 69: COVID Vaccines
Show Details44min 22s
Episode 68: Prevention of Gynecologic Cancers
Show Details39min 14s
Episode 67: The Aches & Pains of Arthritis
Show Details40min 32s
Episode 66: The Value of a Yearly Gynecologist Visit
Show Details42min 1s
Episode 65: Infertility in Women & Men
Show Details42min 40s
Episode 64: The Road To A Healthy Pregnancy
Show Details42min 1s
Episode 63: What Goes Down, Might Come Up!
Show Details42min 1s
Episode 62: Foot Care from A to Z
Show Details42min 43s
Episode 61: Colorectal Cancer Awareness
Show Details42min 59s
Episode 60: 20/20 Vision: Cataracts, Cornea Transplants & LASIK
Show Details42min 59s
Episode 59: Down Syndrome
Show Details43min 22s
Episode 58: Colorectal Cancer Awareness month
Show Details43min 15s
Episode 57: Heart Disease in Women
Show Details40min 49s
Episode 56: Update on COVID-19
Show Details41min 54s
Episode 55: Oral Health: Common Issues & What They May Indicate
Show Details41min 45s
Episode 54: Elite Athlete Or Weekend Warrior?
Show Details42min 1s
Episode 53: Wellness Through Osteopathic Medicine
Show Details41min 44s
Episode 52: How Is Internal Medicine Different From Family Medicine?
Show Details41min 39s
Episode 51: Take your family to the doctor
Show Details41min 23s
Episode 50: The Importance Of Routine Pediatric Well Visits
Show Details40min 51s
Episode 49: Addiction & Substance Use Disorders
Show Details45min
Episode 48: Medicine – Before, During & After the Pandemic
Show Details43min 20s
Episode 47: Holiday Eating & Drinking
Show Details44min 10s
Episode 46: Hip fractures
Show Details42min 24s
Episode 45: Addiction & Substance Use Disorders
Show Details41min 28s
Episode 44: HIV/AIDS – Where are we today?
Show Details42min 10s
Episode 43: Medicine – Before, During & After the Pandemic
Show Details41min 22s
Episode 42: Dementia – Risks, Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment
Show Details42min 21s
Episode 41: Update on Cancer of the Pancreas
Show Details42min 11s
Episode 40: When Disease Strikes Leaders: What Should We Know?
Show Details38min 50s
Episode 39: Music and Medicine
Show Details41min 5s
Episode 37: Breast Cancer – Screening & Surgery
Show Details40min 48s
Episode 36: The Fusion Inclusion
Show Details40min 33s
Episode 35: Atrial Fibrillation
Show Details40min 26s
Episode 34: Diabetes Download
Show Details39min 59s
Episode 33: Celiac Disease & The Gluten-Free Diet
Show Details42min 17s
Episode 32: Innovation Station
Show Details43min 6s
Episode 31: Vein Disease & Restoration
Show Details39min 40s
Episode 30: Genetics & Genetic Testing
Show Details40min 27s
Episode 29: Geriatrics & Healthy Aging
Show Details43min 3s
Episode 28: Housing is Medical Care
Show Details40min 7s
Episode 27: Alcohol & The Liver
Show Details43min 2s
Episode 26: The ABCs of Hepatitis A, B & C
Show Details41min 20s
Episode 25: Carbs, Fats & Fad Diets
Show Details43min 7s
Episode 24: Rehabilitation After COVID-19
Show Details43min 39s
Episode 23: Skin & Eye Lesions from COVID-19 and/or Sun Damage
Show Details42min 54s
Episode 22: The Effect of the Pandemic on Sleep
Show Details43min 22s
Episode 21: Colorectal Cancer in Young Patients
Show Details43min 16s
Episode 20: Hip & Knee Replacement
Show Details42min 39s
Episode 19: Emergency Departments During the Pandemic
Show Details45min 17s
Episode 18: COVID-19 In Children
Show Details44min 4s
Episode 17: COVID-19 and Mental Health
Show Details43min 3s
Episode 16: Pregnancy Amid COVID-19
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 15: COPD, Lung Transplants & COVID-19
Show Details41min 56s
Episode 14: Clinical Research In Treatments For COVID-19
Show Details45min
Episode 13: COVID-19 & Organ Transplants
Show Details44min 57s
Episode 12: Emergency Preparedness & Vaccines
Show Details46min 10s
Episode 11: Anxiety & Cancer During COVID
Show Details41min 50s
Episode 10: Messages of Hope
Show Details50min 1s
Episode 9: COVID-19 Update
Show Details53min 43s
Episode 8: Colorectal Cancer Surgery
Show Details43min 3s
Episode 7: Feelin’ the Girl Power
Show Details42min 53s
Episode 6: COVID-19, The Pandemic
Show Details50min 24s
Episode 5: Screening for Colorectal Cancer
Show Details45min 15s
Episode 4: Abnormal Cardiac Rhythms & Cardiac Rehabilitation
Show Details42min 32s
Episode 3: Cardiac Surgery
Show Details44min 1s
Episode 2: To Stent or Not to Stent?
Show Details44min 12s
Episode 1: Heart Health
Show Details41min 42s