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Your Next Favorite Movie

A different type of movie podcast. I interview people about their favorite movie twice monthly. I also have two co-hosts 2x monthly and do deep dive reviews. One of those reviews will be chose by our followers on Twitter.


Grandma Chainsaw w/ Allen & Will (A discussion of hagsploitation)
Show Details1hr 33min
Harold and Maude w/ John Gaspard
Show Details26min 31s
Sleepaway Camp w/ Chad and Chris
Show Details1hr 41min
Y Tu Mama Tambien w/ Wiz (Capital Games Movie Club)
Show Details17min 15s
Boogie Nights w/ Jen
Show Details22min 1s
Alita: Battle Angel w/ Maxtac & Angelus
Show Details1hr 48min
A Fish Called Wanda w/ Ian (Best Film Ever)
Show Details25min 44s
Staying Alive w/ Liam (Best Film Ever)
Show Details14min 59s
Chef w/Ethan (Best Film Ever)
Show Details21min 39s
Tangled w/ Georgia (Best Film Ever)
Show Details15min 25s
Breakin' w/Tim (20TIMinutes)
Show Details22min 49s
The Monster Squad 35th Anniversary w/ Andre Gower
Show Details2hr 57min
Ghostbusters w/ Joe Russo
Show Details38min 47s
Dune 2021 w/ Dennis Mallen
Show Details1hr 7min
A Clockwork Orange w/ Ash Rose-Nova
Show Details21min 59s
It's A Wonderful Life w/ JB (Manly Movies)
Show Details20min 32s
Parasite w/ Allen & Will
Show Details1hr 5min
The Birdcage w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details1hr 50min
The Road w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details1hr 20min
Se7en w/Shawn Bowers
Show Details16min 59s
Jurassic Park w/ Mike Brown
Show Details40min 39s
Back To The Future w/Stacey Souther
Show Details26min 37s
Mommie Dearest w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details1hr 51min
Friday the 13th Franchise Ranking w/ Anthony Brownlee
Show Details1hr 23min
Coherence w/Duncan (GDT Podcast)
Show Details21min 54s
Dredd w/Pete (Middle Class Film Class)
Show Details28min 49s
So I Married An Axe Murderer w/ Josh (Weekend at Deckard's & 25000 Miles)
Show Details27min 16s
Single White Female (Audio Commentary w/The Brothers Blevins)
Show Details1hr 56min
The Evil Dead w/ Archer
Show Details16min 37s
Blacula w/ Anthony Brownlee
Show Details29min 35s
Terminator 2: Judgment Day w/ Brooke
Show Details23min 32s
My Cousin Vinny
Show Details2hr
Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man w/ Dre (Ta2Squid Podcast)
Show Details38min 19s
Evolution w/ Hayley
Show Details12min 21s
Hook w/ Rob Ciano
Show Details32min 22s
Swamp Thing w/The Brothers Blevins
Show Details1hr 54min
Labyrinth w/Erica Wilson
Show Details16min 24s
Whiplash w/ Pete (Middle Class Film Class)
Show Details21min 35s
When Harry Met Sally w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details2hr
Pan's Labyrinth w/Pocus Hocus
Show Details1hr 8min
Zodiac w/ Sabyn Mayfield
Show Details43min 40s
Terms of Endearment w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details3hr 1min
Trading Places w/ Brothers Blevins
Show Details2hr 9min
Remember The Titans w/ Katie Kinder
Show Details18min 37s
American Psycho w/Azi
Show Details59min 17s
Film Discoveries w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details1hr 22min
Repo Man w/ Katie (Walk the Cinema Podcast)
Show Details14min 52s
Show Details2hr 12min
Jingle All The Way w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details2hr 10min
Silent Night, Deadly Night w/ Anthony Brownlee
Show Details43min 4s
Scanners w/Chip Sebastian
Show Details1hr 4min
Planes, Trains and Automobiles w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details1hr 50min
Blood Rage w/The Brothers Blevins
Show Details2hr 37min
Man Bites Dog w/ Walk the Cinema
Show Details12min 45s
The Shawshank Redemption w/Carlo (The Movie Loot)
Show Details19min 11s
Running Scared w/ Sean (The Film Effect Podcast)
Show Details28min 31s
Halloween 1978 w/ The Brothers Blevins
Show Details2hr 29min
Rosemary's Baby w/ The Podcast That Wouldn't Die
Show Details28min 15s
Vampire's Kiss w/Shorror
Show Details24min 23s
Scream w/ Gory Cory
Show Details18min 9s
Halloween Franchise Ranking w/Ben Scrivens
Show Details56min 46s
Suspiria w/ Katie (Smooth Thrills Radio Hour)
Show Details19min 13s
Brightburn w/ Talkin Shiz
Show Details16min 14s
The Return of the Living Dead w/ Ed (Film Effect Podcast)
Show Details22min 6s
Dune w/Chip Sebastian
Show Details1hr 15min
Death Becomes Her w/Chris Blevins
Show Details23min 43s
The Silence of the Lambs w/Scott Mendelson
Show Details1hr 3min
All About JAWS w/Azi
Show Details1hr 5min
Kill Bill w/ Good Game Guys Podcast
Show Details30min 5s
Bad Influence w/ Tucky Williams
Show Details32min 45s
The Princess Bride w/Georgia (Best Film Ever podcast)
Show Details19min 21s
Bridget Jones' Diary w/Ellie (Best Film Ever podcast)
Show Details18min
Star Wars w/ Ethan (Best Film Ever)
Show Details19min 55s
Grease w/Liam (Best Film Ever podcast)
Show Details15min 1s
Little Miss Sunshine w/Ian (Best Film Ever)
Show Details26min 40s
Favorite Movies 1993-??
Show Details17min 23s
The Exorcist w/Joe Moe
Show Details39min 55s
Favorite Movies- 2002-1994
Show Details13min 50s
Knights of Badassdom w/Crystal
Show Details15min 20s
Favorite Movies- 2011-2003
Show Details15min 45s
A Nightmare on Elm Street w/Anthony Brownlee
Show Details42min 19s
Favorite Movies- 2020-2012
Show Details17min 13s
Who Framed Roger Rabbit w/ David Howard Thornton
Show Details49min 17s
The Boondock Saints w/Juleen (It Goes Down in the PM)
Show Details22min 43s
The Crow: Wicked Prayer w/Nic (Filmshake Podcast)
Show Details34min 1s
The Crow: Salvation w/Kera-Anne
Show Details11min 55s
The Crow: City of Angels w/ Chad
Show Details25min 57s
The Crow w/ the Return of Adam
Show Details33min 21s
The Reflecting Skin w/ Dirk Marshall
Show Details16min 39s
Beverly Hills Cop 2 w/Big T
Show Details15min 16s
Casablanca w/ Cory Idle
Show Details11min 47s
Pulp Fiction w/ Josh Carples
Show Details51min 17s
The Last Jedi w/ Tim (On Second Watch)
Show Details28min 42s
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World w/ Bex Goos
Show Details17min 4s
Manhattan Murder Mystery w/ Peter Piatkowski
Show Details17min 5s
Grandma's Boy w/ Dre (Ta2squid)
Show Details15min 29s
The Lost Boys w/ Hush Hush Society
Show Details17min 2s
Hatchet w/ Drunk Theory
Show Details16min 36s
Hanna w/ The Vern
Show Details17min 6s
Jackie Brown w/Tucky Williams
Show Details31min 38s
No Country For Old Men w/ John Cowlin
Show Details22min 41s
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest w/Leandro Taub
Show Details26min 3s
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me w/Spyhards
Show Details45min 11s
Collateral w/Joel Betancourt
Show Details24min 34s
Better Off Dead w/ My Drunk Movie Theatre
Show Details25min 35s
Halloween 2007 w/Miles Long (Laughs & Rec)
Show Details30min 38s
Halloween 1978 w/Ben Scrivens (FrightRags)
Show Details25min 58s
Lion w/Debi Jenkins (Trivia Rewind)
Show Details17min 38s
Tombstone w/Shawn Bowers
Show Details13min 35s
Nocturnal Animals w/ Mustafa Gatollari
Show Details22min 12s
Deadpool w/ Glaiza
Show Details25min 2s
Jaws w/Derek Duvall
Show Details22min
The Introduction
Show Details17min 40s
Your Next Favorite Movie Promo
Show Details42s