Jesus among Demons

36m | Jul 3, 2023

Join us on (Re)Orthodox Theology as we dive into the revolutionary insights of Dr. John Goodrich, a distinguished scholar from the Moody Bible Institute. In this episode, we explore Dr. Goodrich's essay, "Paul’s Suprahumanizing Exegesis: Rewriting the Defeat of God’s Enemies in 1 Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians," published in Brill's acclaimed volume, Demons in Early Judaism and Christianity (2022).

Delve into the depths of Pauline theology as Dr. Goodrich guides us through the cosmic dimensions of Paul's writings, shedding light on how he reimagines the defeat of God's enemies through Jesus Christ. Discover the transformative implications of Paul's suprahumanizing exegesis on our understanding of Jesus' identity and mission.

Whether you're a theologian or simply curious about early Christian thought, this episode will provide fresh perspectives on Jesus' unparalleled victory over evil. Tune in to (Re)Orthodox Theology for a captivating conversation with Dr. John Goodrich that will leave you inspired and eager to explore the rich tapestry of Pauline thought.

(Re)Orthodox Theology